June 15, 2022

Breakdancing with Felix Clements!

A talented professional from Battlegroundz Movement, Felix Clements, joined 9H on Wednesday 15th June for a slightly different dance lesson! The class were introduced to a totally new style of movement within the LP Dance curriculum; break dancing!


It was a challenging workshop with students seeking to master key actions such as the top rock indian step, knee drop, pin drop, go down and freezes. Despite the difficulties, ironically particularly for those with prior dance experience in other styles of movement, the students had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed working with a range of upbeat current musical tracks.


Dance teacher, Beth Butler, noted, “It was interesting for students to hear that it is important for them to bring their personality to the movement. They had to link their personalities to their favourite sweet or chocolate and it was really noticeable once they had gone through this thought process how the dynamics of their performance changed.”


“It was so cool to experiment with a different style of dance.” commented Jacob, “Felix was really inspiring: once he started moving his moves were incredible!” reflected Indy. “I learnt about the importance of taking risks.” added Liam.

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