June 21, 2022

Bugs and Botany for Year 9s!

The Year 9 cohort spent a day on the Park al fresco on Tuesday 21st June building on the biodiversity knowledge they gained at Kew Gardens the previous day. Assessing the wildlife of the school site in plant and animal forms, the ten groups of students worked together to understand the biodiversity of their environment, assisted by Old Leightonian and Zoology undergraduate at the University of Reading, Bibi Bibra.


Event organiser and Geography teacher, Oliver Staines, commented, “Biodiversity has given students a chance to get to know the school site in a lot more detail than they knew about it before: making them aware of the space they are in every single day. They have had a go at a lot of techniques including identification of insects (both captured and observed) and the  identification of plant species. I think the pollinator survey and the pit fall traps were the things they were most excited about! The giant map is 2 x 3 metre plan of the school site on which each of 10 groups presented their information in their slightly different ways so it is part geographical system, part work of art. It’s a bit of a bonkers composite really but it shows their different thought processes coming together.”


Clem (Year 9) enjoyed the day: “It was very nice, it was interesting. I think it was an experience that certainly added to my knowledge of the park and it was interesting to discover how many creatures the park hosts and how many habitats we have here.”

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