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August 30, 2022

Remembering Arthur Pedlar +

Although many former pupils speak generally of the influence of their education on their careers and their adult lives, it is only rarely that the course of a life is … Read More +

August 26, 2022

Back to school +

The years always seem to roll away at reunions as friends, who may have not met for many years reconnect.   The Park rang with laughter, the sound of stories being … Read More +

July 6, 2022

The Jorge Hortal Award +

Of all the Leavers’ Awards presented at Leighton Park, the Jorge Hortal Award brings the greatest frisson of anticipation in  the Hall. No financial incentive but the accolade of being … Read More +

June 22, 2022

Lower Sixth UCAS Day with Old Leightonians +

By Connie Say, Lower Sixth On Tuesday 21st June, our Lower Sixth met with some recent Old Leightonians to listen to their experiences on the transition from life at Leighton … Read More +

June 4, 2022

Re-opening the 1934 Cricket Pavilion +

Almost 90 years after its’ original opening the Leighton Park Cricket Pavilion has been lovingly restored thanks to an in-house maintenance team and with generous support from the Old Leightonians … Read More +

May 26, 2022

Travel Scholarships’ Archive +

One of the treasures of  the Leighton Park Archives is the collection of Travel Scholarships, dating back to 1926. One could get lost for hours poring over these lovingly crafted … Read More +

May 23, 2022

Celebrating the class of 2022 +

Friday 20th May saw our Class of 2022 graduate to Old Leightonians as a special day of celebration marked their official end of the Upper Sixth. Although there are still … Read More +

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