A Level | Mathematics and Further Mathematics

A Levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Exam Board:  AQA

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Mathematics encourages students to be open-minded and adaptable; to look for more than one method of approach to a problem; to be able to apply mathematical skills across the content areas; to make judgements on methods and techniques available in terms of appropriateness and accuracy; to interpret, evaluate and implement solutions and results.

To be successful students need to:

  • Enjoy the challenge of Mathematics
  • Be self-disciplined and highly motivated
  • Have achieved a Level 7 or above at GCSE
  • Show stamina and be determined when they find things difficult (because there will be times when they do!)

Course Description

The new Mathematics content will contain both pure and applied maths, the applied being drawn from statistics and mechanics.

The new Further Mathematics content also contains both pure and applied (further mechanics or statistics).

There will be two papers taken for AS (1 hour and 30 minutes each) and three papers (2 hours each) for A Level examinations. The papers will contain a mix of question styles, from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems.

The use of technology in the classroom and in the exams is expected.

Mathematics complements many other A Level subjects particularly Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, Biology, Design and Technology and Business Studies.

Benefits of the course

Mathematics is a qualification highly valued by employers and higher education as it encourages logical and structured approach to problem solving. It also develops skills in analysis, effective and accurate communication, handling information and modelling practical solutions.

Outside the classroom:

Leighton Park participates in many of the extension maths opportunities such as UKMT Maths Challenges, British Maths Olympiad, plus enrichment events such as Maths Inspiration.

An optional Senior Maths Club runs on a weekly basis. As well as preparing for Team Maths Competitions, this group investigates advanced problems solving for fun and to support applications to top universities requiring additional examinations such as STEP, MAT, PAT.

Further Opportunities 

Students who take Mathematics at this level often find that they are at an advantage over those who have not, when studying sciences and other mathematical related degrees at university. The more ground breaking areas of many these courses such as GIS in Geography, Econometrics in Economics and Banking require the student to be competent in Mathematics.

Careers in which Mathematics has a direct bearing:

Accountancy, Astronomy, Aircraft Industry, Architecture, Banking, all forms of Engineering, Computer Technology and Programming, Market Research, Weather Forecasting, Surveying, Economics, Teaching, Statistics and various types of scientific research.

Head of Department: Mary Boyd

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