November 15, 2020

Creativity, Activity and Service

If you are familiar with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, offered as a course of study at our Sixth Form, you may well be accustomed to the term ‘CAS’. The Creativity, Activity and Service component of the IB aims to develop socially conscious adults who will continue to make meaningful contributions to society long after they’ve completed their education. CAS places emphasis on emotional development outside of the classroom and allows students to really develop softer skills such as teamwork and empathy.

In the Lower Sixth, students taking the IB organise their own CAS projects. However, as a school dedicated to forming young people of real character, independence and confidence, the programme is recognised widely and is also incorporated into the curriculum at Years 7, 8 and 10, as Creativity, Action and Service.

Working on a rotation basis, by the end of the Summer term, each Year 7 student will have had the opportunity to experience the disciplines of music, journalism and web design, culminating in a recorded composition, in depth article and website to support their chosen charity or cause. Whilst Year 8 students complete a Sport Leadership qualification, creative writing course, textiles, arts and crafts modules.

Pablo Gorostidi Perez, CAS Co-ordinator, reflected on this year’s course, “Students seem to be extremely engaged with CAS. We have a fantastic team of committed teachers who own their projects in a very engaging manner.”

In Year 10, CAS students were met with a variety of options of which they have committed to one for the course of the year. From the Sports Leader course which aims to develop confident, healthy leaders through physical activity, to learning British Sign Language, a valuable life skill, each diverse course is united in its common interest to promote character, independence and confidence.

Students taking Outdoor Adventure Activities have found themselves fire lighting, shelter building, gaining first aid knowledge and training for their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. Whilst students working with Director of Co-Curricular and Outreach, Tash Coccia, have been occupied in a community project that aims to shine a light on our local area with a pop-up exhibition about the history of Whitley.

Erin in Year 10 reflected “CAS is a lot different from our other subjects because it gives us a view of the community and a look at the world around us and how we can change it with supporting people who aren’t as fortunate as us. I love charity work, so I think it is vital for people to learn different skills and qualities for not only future life, but to support anyone outside of LP. It is also just really fun!”

She continued to discuss the Literacy Changemakers Programme she has opted to take this year, “I have learnt a huge amount in not a lot of time! Each week we are gladly greeted by the ABC to Read team who have taught us how to support a young child’s learning in reading. We have been paired with Year 4 students from Lodden Primary School and I am super excited to meet them over Microsoft Teams or hopefully in person some day! We have just made introduction videos for them to enjoy as well!”

Max Verry commented on his course, “This year I am taking Sports Leaders and so far, I have learnt a lot about how to be a good and effective leader when in sports and just being a good leader in general. CAS has benefitted me in a way where I have developed important skills which will benefit me in the future when I move to the world of work. It has really helped develop my thinking on how to work with the people around me. In this way of learning I like how it can be quite practical and fun at times, but it also helps me think of effective ideas and my cooperation skills have improved since starting CAS.”

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