November 12, 2021

Essays for the Environment

Students in Fryer and in Year 9 had the opportunity to take part in a COP26 essay competition over Long Leave focussing on whether or not air travel should be banned. The Fryers have enjoyed studying the pros and cons of the argument during Science over the Autumn term whereas the older students had the chance to demonstrate their maturity through independent research into the topic before committing pen to paper. Although the Fryers may appear to have had an advantage their discussions had taken the form of a debate and so producing a balanced argument in writing placed new demands on their memories and penmanship.


David Hammond, Head of Science, who ran the competition was surprised by the popularity of the contest: “We have had 28 essays submitted, of around 750 words each. The standard has been exceptional and I am delighted that the students have engaged so well in such an important topic. The majority of students have identified the convenience of air travel and the emotional need to visit relatives overseas versus the negatives of the environmental impact. There were some who argued for a limited amount of acceptable travel such as business trips only or having a restricted number of flights during an individual’s lifetime.”


Antigoni (Year 9), whose on article was chosen for the display in the Upper Foyer of the MMC as part of the COP26 exhibition, commented, “I entered the competition to understand more about climate change, the whole process allowed me to enlighten myself over such an overlooked topic. The experience and overall competition helped me to clarify my thoughts and view on air travel through the extensive research and evaluation. I hope that more opportunities like this happen as the world needs to be more active on the environment issue.”


The theme of the essay was extended into the Year 9 Taster Day on Thursday 11th November with our visiting Year 8s participating in a debate led by Head of English, Matt Taylor, tying in with the last couple of days of COP26.

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