October 16, 2020

Faith, Hope and Charity

As we complete the first half term of the year with a unique blend of real and virtual art lessons, it is great to see last year’s portraits being brought to a conclusion and celebrated by all in our community.

The year 7s, now year 8s, all collaborated to create three large scale icon portraits of modern day heroes. The trio of portraits relate to notions of ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ depicting Sir Tom Moore, now a UK national hero, Hattie, a critical care nurse in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, and Florence Nightingale who remains the foundation and inspiration for many entering the healthcare profession, an icon of compassion and equality.

The Fryers were unaware of who the portraits were of until they were installed this week in our Oakview gallery space and it was wonderful to see the impact!

The nurse depicted also wears a face shield donated and manufactured at the peak of the pandemic by our own heroes at Leighton Park, initiated by Head of DT, Mark Smith over the first few months of the pandemic. The face shields initiative raised over £28,000 for materials through a GoFundMe crowd funding page and produced 39,000 face shields through a hub partnership of 18 schools, 3 commercial businesses and the University of Reading to help over 500 local organisations on the frontline of Covid.

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