October 8, 2019

Fieldwork at the River Pang and Reading Town Centre

On Tuesday 17th September and Monday 7th October, the Geography Department embarked on fieldtrips with those students studying for their Geography iGCSE.

Splitting into two groups, the cohort each visited the River Pang and Reading Town Centre respectively.

Building upon the theory they had covered in the classroom, Year 11 investigated river and urban environments, seeing first-hand, the landscapes being studied as part of their course. Carrying out a group investigation along the River Pang, students measured changes in the river channel and tested water quality.

Aiden reflected, “I enjoyed this trip because we were clearly able to see the differences in the layout of Reading and how land is used differently. Having a visual perspective was very interesting and helpful for my work.”

In Reading Town Centre, students mapped land use changes along a transect line and completed an environmental quality survey. Marcus commented, “It was an informative trip and presented me with a better understanding of the area that I live in.” Fellow student Chris agreed, “It was interesting as it gave us a practical idea about what we were studying and it showed us how our exams relate to the real world.”

Following their separate investigations, Year 11 returned to the School to analyse their data on urban fieldwork techniques; the findings ready to support their forthcoming exam, in the Summer Term. However, not only did the field trips aid Geography studies, they provided context and new working opportunities. Student Alice said “I really enjoyed the freedom I was given to work independently and learning to work in a group with new people.”

Birds eye view of pupils doing fieldwork at Rive Pang

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