March 7, 2022

Fryer Own It with Daisy Dance

Starting their week on a high note, Daisy Dance spent Monday morning with Fryer to share her experience of dyslexia and show how with determination, we can achieve anything we want.

Daisy, a professional singer and songwriter who has seen international success performing on the ‘Showband’ circuit and as a judge on the BBC show ‘All Together Now’, does not fall short of her uplifting name. Speaking in Peckover Hall, she explained that her aim is to “motivate, inspire and uplift!”

Now, having teamed up the Adult Dyslexia Centre (ADC) to create ‘Just Own It’, she is passionate about meeting young adults and providing them with the tools that have helped her. The ADC supports dyslexic adults in the Thames Valley to empower them to move on in employment and education, encourages a positive attitude towards building skills and confidence, and works to make the wider community dyslexia aware.

Learning Support Teacher, Lisa Reskalla, commented “The Adult Dyslexia Support group in Maidenhead is a charity my mother set up in 2003. They support dyslexic learners and raise awareness. They also run courses for parents of dyslexic learners so they can learn more about how they can support their children.”

Before getting into her talk, Daisy was interested to find out what dyslexia meant to people in the room. Following a range of answers, she gave her own take: “Dyslexia is a learning difference, some people like to say learning difficulty, I like learning difference because you absorb information differently sometimes, you see things differently and it’s just a different way of thinking, which can be really beneficial.”

Daisy was keen to point out some of the positive characteristics often associated with the disorder. These included; excellent puzzle solving skills, brilliant spatial reasoning, a wonderful imagination, great conversation skills, abstract thinking and above average physical coordination skills.

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