October 15, 2021

KitAid Helps Developing Countries with LP Kit

On Friday 15th October, the generous heap of pre-loved sports kit that has been donated by the community and is waiting to be rehomed, in what has essentially become the Field House charity storage room, was collected by KitAid Trustee, Mark Smith. A number of Sixth Form students with study periods were keen to get involved, now that the year group are well settled into the Field House Study Centre.

Volunteer, Will, who provided a helping hand by organising and moving the donations, reflected “I wanted to get involved because I wanted to help people in need. I felt like if they received our old kit that we didn’t need anymore, they would really benefit from it. When Mark needs to come back to receive more kit, I will be more than happy to help and get more people involved in the scheme.”

He continued “I learnt about where the kits go and how the children receive them. Mark also explained that photos get posted on their social media platforms. I would love to see them and know that they have received the kits!”

Since 1998, KitAid has been sending sports gear to countries all around the world. The charity, founded by Derrick Williams, was inspired following a trip to Tanzania whereby the football fan was overwhelmed by the reception he received from children and adults, simply because he wore his team’s shirt.

21 years on, KitAid has sent out more than 700,000 items to people previously playing bare-foot and with footballs made of tied string and plastic bags.

Jan Bell and Jakki Marr, Field House Manager and House Mistress respectively, have been the leading superstars behind much of the House’s charity and partnership work. Natasha Coccia, Director of Co-Curricular and Outreach, remarked “Jakki and Jan both work so hard in this area of House Charity and in terms of establishing partnerships. I know they both feel passionately about it. It does not go unnoticed. Their enthusiasm and commitment have a real impact on the students. I am most grateful to them for their time on this.”

We hope that the soon to be new owners of the school sports kit, make as many happy memories wearing the oakleaf as have our own students!

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