February 8, 2024

LEGO Cars Roll into Chinese New Year Celebrations

On Thursday 8th February, we were delighted to host a cohort of fifteen Year 7 students from Dolphin School at Leighton Park for an engaging DT & Engineering Workshop, based around the theme of Iterative Design.

Toni Reimer, Deputy Head Academic at Dolphin School, commented that she was attracted to the DT & Engineering Workshiop as “We do not have DT on our curricuculum, so it was a fantastic opportunity for the children [to have] a hands on  experience with some engineering concepts to try out”.

Under the guidance of our experienced DT teacher, Jeff Fuller, the students enthusiastically delved into the creative process of constructing and modifying cars made using LEGO Technic. The overall aim was to navigate their creations up an adjustable ramp, presenting a dynamic challenge for our aspiring engineers to overcome.

The students collaborated in pairs, selecting unique team names before immersing themselves in the task of building their vehicles and mastering the initial drive. Following a classroom tutorial on gears and ratios, the students embraced the concept of iterative design, progressively enhancing their Lego vehicles with additional pieces and modifications to optimize their hill-climbing capabilities.

Darcy, Year 7 at Dolphin, thought building the cars was “fabulous” and Jess said her favourite part was “watching the cars fall”.

The workshop culminated in lunch at Oakview restaurant, where the children got to celebrate Chinese New Year with a choice of delightful stir-fries, pork ribs, noodles, banana fritters and fortune cookies.

DT & Engineering Workshop 2024: Dolphin School

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