November 16, 2023

Leighton Park Mathematicians Shine

Following the Senior Maths Challenge, held on Tuesday 3rd October, we celebrated the success of seven Gold certificates, eleven Silver certificates, and twenty three students with a Bronze certificate. An incredible achievement from all that exemplifies the academic success our students are capable of achieving. The top scorers in their year were Olivia (Year 11), Hanxiang (Lower Sixth) and Cem (Upper Sixth).  

Seven of our talented mathematicians scored qualifying results for the Senior Maths Kangaroo on 15th November and Upper Sixth student, Cem who placed top of the School in the Senior Maths Challenge, also qualified for the British Maths Olympiad, Round One. 

 Cem, an aspiring engineering student, shared his joy with us: “I enjoyed doing the Senior Maths Challenge because of the interesting and creative questions in the test. I think this exam is not technical because it doesn’t require much Maths knowledge, but the questions require you to think creatively. My favourite part of the test is the last five questions. I realised that these five questions are usually the hardest but most interesting questions. I am so happy that I ranked first and am excited for the next stages of the competition. The British Maths Olympiad is on a completely different difficulty level so it will be very challenging”.   

 The British Maths Olympiad is a three-and-a-half hour Maths paper with just six problems, with the top one hundred competitors receiving prizes and many of those one hundred proving eligible for Round 2.  The Senior Maths Kangaroo is a sixty-minute exam, consisting of twenty multiple choice questions. Both of these competitions are run by the UK Maths Trust and provide an extra element of self-sufficiency and determination to our students’ education and inspire mathematicians to push themselves in their learning. We are proud to have many students who excelled in this academic area. 

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