November 16, 2020

Lights, camera, action: “Pragma” on the Park

Peckover and Grove bustled with activity when a touch of showbiz came to the Park. Old Leightonian actors Lucy Heath (2012) and Phil Dunster (2010) with a professional cast and crew, were filming “Pragma a short film written by Lucy. It seemed particularly fitting that a former bedroom in Grove was used, the former home of a young Sir David Lean.

Phil said “I cannot sum up the joy and pride I feel being given the opportunity to film our short film at Leighton Park. I owe so much to the school- not just for the opportunities afforded to me throughout my time there and the teachings and lessons from every person who worked there. The school continues to offer enthusiasm and support on a pastoral level that I’m yet to encounter at any other institution.

The period of which we were shooting is a gleaming testament to that. Lucy and I are so so very grateful for the resources that were extended to us. We believe this film is going to be really brilliant and it is in large part thanks to the school’s input and support. I know that at times it felt like us being able to have command of the spaces did not seem possible but you made it so and for that the whole time team thanks you.”

In a year when the creative industries have been hit so badly, Phil and Lucy decided to create their own opportunity; Lucy was fascinated by the idea of whether love can be configured with an algorithm or whether its about instinct. This is Lucy’s second short film: her first “Better” has been well received this year on the Festival circuit.

We cant wait to see it!

Film crew in Peckover Hall

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