November 9, 2021

Maths in Action!

Maths in Action is back at the University of Warwick and so are our A Level and IB students! On Tuesday 9th November, the group of mathematically-minded Sixth Formers had a filled day exploring a variety of topics that had been carefully curated to best extend their knowledge.

Throughout five enriching sessions, including ‘How to Get Rich Quick’ and ‘The Future of Flight’, a crack team of code-breakers, statisticians, engineers, architects and data scientists introduced new concepts and entertained the audience.

Amongst the academics and industry pros delivering Maths in Action, were Beth Romano and her different coloured hats, representing error correction in data transfer, and Bobby Seagull, who chaired event and brought his television quiz show experience to the floor.

Lower Sixth student, Daniel, commented “I learned the applications of simultaneous equations in real life as well as the fact that certain maths problems such as 8/2(2+2) are questions that one should never come across as they are an example of ‘bad maths’.”

He continued, “My favourite part of the day was the final speech which was a ‘comedy maths speech’. It was highly entertaining and also fascinating as various viral maths problems seen on social media were ‘debunked’… Although my desired career path has not changed, this has sparked an interest in aerospace engineering since there was a lecture on this.”

Sol added, “I wanted to go into engineering before the talk but the talk made me want to go into engineering even more. I learnt that maths has many different aspects and has many different real-life applications; I liked the interactive parts of the talks the most.”

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