October 8, 2021

National Poetry Day

“Poetry is words bouncing around pages, distilled through the ages;
A distillation of rages, it captivates sages and blazes and blazes… and blazes.” told Head of English, Matthew Taylor, triumphantly on National Poetry Day.

As poetry has appeared all over the School, staff and students have been indulging in verse beside the photocopier or in the queue for a breaktime snack. To celebrate the affair on Thursday 7th October, all English lessons pointed towards the poetic.

“My Year 7s had a fab time, while the Pre-Sixth, in discussing a poem about a young man growing up in Peckham, were sharing stories about their own experiences growing up around the world. It was an incredible lesson.” stated Matthew.

Year 7 student, Isabelle, enthused “To celebrate National Poetry Day we read a poem called ‘The Story of Squiddly Diddly’ and then we played the reading game where we all had to read one couplet – if someone hesitates, stutters, or reads the wrong line they are out and if someone next to you goes out then you must read their line. I don’t have a favourite type of poetry – I enjoy them for what they are about. A new thing I have learnt is that some poems have no syllables, words or lines limit and can just continue.”

Fryer student Ollie enjoyed getting creative in the classroom, “We made a puppet show and video about a poem that we read and did a game where we had to read it without making mistakes!” he commented.

Year 11 later enjoyed a screening of The National Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet with Jess Buckley and Josh O’Connor. The evening, gave students the opportunity to enhance their appreciation of one of their key IGCSE texts.

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