November 15, 2021

Politics Students Join the PSA Annual Conference

On Friday 12th November, a dozen of our diligent Politics students joined the UK Political Studies Association (PSA) for their annual conference. In response to the current climate, the theme for this year was ‘Parliament at a Critical Juncture’.

“The impact of Covid-19 has led to the re-organisation of the work of parliaments in a very short space of time, sometimes overthrowing – or at least suspending – centuries of tradition. This process has thrown into sharp relief the purpose and effectiveness of hitherto existing practices and procedures that, in turn, perhaps raise questions about what parliamentarians should return to once the current crisis is over.” state the group on their website,

They continue, “We are also living during a time when there is considerable concern about democratic backsliding around the world with parliaments and parliamentarians often being criticised, side-lined, undermined and, in some instances, violently attacked.”

Across the conference, three separate panels consisting of academics, connected by the study and teaching of parliaments and legislatures, considered the topics of; ‘Representatives & Representation’, ‘Accountability & Transparency in Parliaments’ and ‘Power(lessness), Practice & Conventions’.

Questions were raised over the relationship between people and parliament, impeachment in the UK, research in the fight against corruption and parliamentary sovereignty in Pakistan, to name a few.

Head of Politics & Global Perspectives, Richard Duckett, commented “A wonderful variety of topics and speakers made for a really lively conference. Students enjoyed the session on whether or not being watched made politicians behave better the most, but we all decided they don’t behave much better lately. Some excellent material for all three units which students should be able to deploy in relevant exam questions. The PSA was thrilled to have us too, as we were the only school!”

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