March 20, 2021

Running for Disabled Riders

Wyfold Riding for the Disabled (RDA) usually offers riding to 75 riders and drivers per week from its stable of eight horses near Henley-on-Thames. This March the charity have sadly had to close their doors and are currently making a monthly loss of £2,500. Kind-hearted Sixth Former, Nicola, was moved by their plight and pledged to help the group through her own fundraising challenge. She has personally committed to running 48 miles in 48 hours over Easter and through her association with the Sixth Form charity group, Amicus, hosted a whole school mufti day on 19th March to raise money for the group.


Amicus Co-Ordinator, Pablo Gorostidi-Perez, commented, “This is the first time, to my knowledge, that LP is helping RDA. Amicus is collaborating with RDA as their ethos is similar to ours, because it is a local charity that is need of urgent help due to the Covid 19 situation, because it is strongly connected to young people and because it promotes the development of young minds through experiences. The charity is asking us to fundraise for them, but they would also like our community to get involved by volunteering, an experience we highly recommend to our students”


Nic often represents the School at sporting events such as the ISA Cross Country and is a member of the Advance Performance Programme (APP) for elite athletes at Leighton Park. She is no stranger to exercise but running 48 miles in 48 hours is definitely a new challenge. “I have done some training for the run, trying to get my body use to running, then stopping and then running again.” commented Nic, “However, my Dad and I concluded that this is something that is hard to train for, as I don’t want to get injured, or get to the point that I start to dislike running and instead of looking forward to the challenge I begin to dread it.”


“I chose to do it because I love running, and I love the charity; I have grown up with both.” said Nic, “Over lockdown I figured out that I enjoy working towards a goal or challenge, it keeps me driven, so that was another reason. I think this will help RDA in a sense that they always have high costs, and money has been tight due to COVID, so any donation big or small is welcome at this point. My Mum, Diane, is heavily involved with this charity as well, so by me helping RDA, I am helping her as well.”

Money can be donated to Wyfold RDA through their giving page.

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