March 9, 2023

TeenTech Innovation Hack at Microsoft

On Tuesday 28th February, Leighton Park joined the TeenTech Innovation Hack happening at Microsoft UK Headquarters in Reading. Set around a Patient Safety Technology Challenge, the full-day event introduced students to contemporary problems facing the healthcare industry, provided technology demonstrations and access to industry experts.

“The TeenTech trip to Microsoft was a great opportunity for our students to explore a range of new technologies used in healthcare.” commented Head of Computing and ICT, Leila Bahrami. “We learned about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and AI. Students tried various new devices and applications for use in the future, before developing their own ideas for use of the latest technology in healthcare and pitching them with a Q&A from the Microsoft Team!”

Fred in Year 9 enthused, “I enjoyed the chance to develop and pitch a product to professionals and to work with them to create it. I was in a team with Eva and our idea was a medication dispenser. It was fun and I would enjoy the opportunity to do something like this again.”

Leila continued, “Students tried HoloLens, which is an ergonomic, untethered self-contained holographic device with enterprise-ready applications to increase user accuracy and output. They were able to stay engaged heads-up and hands-free for longer and more comfortably to safely complete tasks error-free with fully articulated hand tracking, built-in voice commands, eye tracking, spatial mapping, and a large field of view. We also explored different applications such as Mobility Assessment and a voice recognition device with inbuilt AI.”

Alice reported back, “I enjoyed the whole day at Microsoft, but my favourite part was listening to experts talking about their companies, and especially learning about the audio transcriber. Me and Daisy designed the Sergisafe, a monitor connected to a headpiece that alerts surgeons when a patient’s anaesthetic has failed. It works by comparing the brain waves of the patient to brain waves saved to a data base taken from the patient’s regular neurological activity, the brainwaves of people who have successfully been anesthetised and people who have been under failed anaesthetic.”

“We picked this because two in every 1000 people who go under anaesthetic can still feel and hear everything but are temporarily paralysed. This can cause PTSD, depression and lead to psychotic behaviour. Having our questions answered by professional scientists was very helpful and interesting.”

Alana remarked “I really enjoyed the trip to the Microsoft campus, my favourite part was when we got to try out the augmented reality headset and learn about how it is being incorporated into hospitals to help doctors operate. I was in a team with Katie and our idea was a mobile app called RecoverU which was designed to assist nurses (or care homes) with patients in recovery. There were five main aspects in our app, these were: navigation, body, communication, medicine and reflections.”

The best ideas will be invited to present at the TeenTech Awards Final on Friday 30th June in London.

TeenTech Innovation Hack

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