December 20, 2021

The Reinstein Alldis Award

Annually, the Reinstein Aldiss Award is given to two deserving musicians who have stood out for their dedication and talent; the award was established by two Leighton Park alumni, Dr Dan Reinstein and Dominic Alldis, talented jazz musicians.

This year, the music accolade was received by Alice in Year 11, whose talents on the flute are astounding, and Year 9 drummer, Oscar, who recently enjoyed a workshop online with Jamie Cullum.

“I was shocked and excited when I heard my name called out.” said Oscar on his win, “I think that music at LP has a wide variety of hobbies and musical instruments you can take up and learn. I think it is a very good department with lots of good equipment. Overall, it is a great place for creativity to shine.”

Alice agreed, “When I heard my name announced, I was very pleasantly surprised. Music at LP is amazing, you are encouraged to really come out of your comfort zone, and all the staff are your number one fans. The music community at LP is very strong, and there is an abundance of opportunities.”

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