June 27, 2020

Top of the Taskmasters!

The virtual LP Taskmaster challenge for Fryers on Wednesday 24th June was greeted with enthusiasm by our Year 7 and 8 students eager to get into the end of term spirit. The concept of extraordinary tasks set for ordinary people, usually with a comedic twist, is one that has appealed to many families during lockdown and the Leighton Park School family is no different.

Head of Lower School, Adrian Stewart, said, “We wanted to give our students something fun to reward their hard work and achievements through the guided distance learning programme. It’s tough not being on the Park to celebrate the end of term with them in person, but this is one way we can get together and enjoy ourselves. We are also holding a virtual camping and BBQ night on Friday which we hope they will love being part of!”

The students were encouraged to join two online Google Meets enabling them to work as a tutor group in one virtual space and to receive instructions on the challenges in the other. The tasks included building a paper aeroplane and drawing the largest possible continuous circle.

Event organiser and Director of Sport, PE & Wellness, Jez Belas, said, “It was a good concept and those who were able to get involved enjoyed it. The challenges really tested problem solving and creativity skills.”

Keen participant, Sterling (Year 8) reflected, “The challenges were fun, exhilarating and all inclusive. It was probably the best part of that day!” Fellow Student, Luca (Year 8), added, “It was a really good experience and I really enjoyed working as a team to complete the task we had been given. It was a way to bond at the end of term and it was a fun Wednesday afternoon.” Year 7 tutor and Head of Chemistry, Adam Ball, said, “My tutees found it fun and engaging, especially working to produce pictures for their team name and trying to wear as many accessories as possible, despite the heat! All the tutor group got involved and helped out doing their own part. It was lovely to see.”

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