March 31, 2021

Training a Racehorse: A Sporting Career

Jemima (Lower Sixth) has been dedicating her Games lessons to the sport of riding and has discovered the possibility of a new career through her experience training a racehorse!


“I was looking for a new opportunity after the previous horse I rode moved up north and I was given the opportunity from Tiger’s owner to help with the process of retraining him.” explained Jemima. “This was really exciting as I had never ridden a thoroughbred and didn’t know that much about the racing industry either. Beforehand I was very set on studying law whereas now I have discovered this whole other industry which fascinates me. So, I am currently rethinking my degree in a way which could support me in the future to continue working with horses.”


“I have learnt a lot about racehorses and the rehabilitation of them. Also, I have learnt of the importance of groundwork especially during injury in order to keep them occupied whilst not doing much. It has also helped me be more open minded; there have been occasions where I have gotten on and Tiger is completely focused on something else or chomping on the bit and just wants to do his own thing and you have to be open minded and change your plans and think of ways in which to engage the horse whilst still working on other skills.”


“It’s a journey which many people won’t understand: everything will be going really well, then there is a setback whether that’s injury or any number of things and then you go again. It can be such an emotional roller-coaster! It’s a very rewarding sport to do; you can see the progress and the work you put in and the outcome it has. The relationship you build with the horses is amazing and very special: you trust the horse and they trust you and it’s an amazing feeling. The freedom which comes from riding horses is amazing.”

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