May 22, 2023

Tugging the Heart Strings

Twenty-nine students from Farley Hill Primary School joined our Biology team on 22nd May for a heart dissection workshop exploring the intricacies of the body’s inexhaustible muscle.

The Year 6s were fascinated by the initial demonstration of a ‘pluck’ – a full set of heart and lungs with the aorta, vena cava and trachea attached. Gemma Sims, Head of Biology, and Sam Bates, Biology teacher, led half the group each to explain how the heart pumps blood around the circulatory system and how the lungs work with the heart to ensure sufficient oxygen enters the bloodstream. The pupils were keen to understand how it all worked and passed round a piece of liver each to feel the texture of the organ for themselves. They labelled diagrams of the heart before their heart-shaped biscuit break in the MMC Upper Foyer and a chance to burn off a bit of excitement before getting stuck into their own dissection.

Working in pairs the students dissected a sheep’s heart and were able to identify many of the parts that they had noted earlier on their paper diagrams. Some came across additional matter such as blood clots and others were quick to push their fingers into the major blood vessels to see how it felt.

Year 6 teacher, Stuart Gordon, commented, “My favourite part of the workshop was seeing the theoretical become literal flesh! It was informative and fun.” For the students the cookies were a highlight and the smell of the hearts rather the opposite, but many of them were enthusiastic about their educational experience. “It was so fun as I really liked using all the tools and dissecting it,” said Amelia. “The most memorable thing I have learnt today is that the heart is actually connected to the lungs. It was amazing. I recommend to do the next one of these 10/10,” enthused Ryan. Ash noted that “the heart is very slimy”, whilst Daniela commented that “the heart strings are so strong. It was disgusting but so interesting.” Tallulah summed up: “It was the best science lesson I have ever had!”

Heart Dissection Workshop

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