July 18, 2017

Vintage Tea (Over 70s), July 2017

‘Hello Young Man’ was the greeting when Lyn Wilson (S 1950) met George Bateson (R 1950). They hadn’t seen each other since 1950. 15 Old Leightonians attended the afternoon in a heatwave. Two thirds of guests attended the annual tea for the first time, and tours for those who wished to be shown the school grounds were given by Fryer students before the tea.

Nicholas Hughes (S 1956) can be seen holding a photo of him in school uniform in his first year age 13.

Robert McTear (G 1952) had been back to Leighton Park once at the end of the 1950s. “It was a beautiful day like today. I have thoroughly enjoyed the event. The two tour guides were really well grounded and one was very good at talking about the five Quaker principles.”

There was high praise from the OLs for the tour guides and Roger Baldwin (G 1959) said that the student who showed him around should have ‘double credits’.


two boys with two old leightonians

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