January 18, 2023

Wellbeing Award for Leighton Park School

Leighton Park has been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools accredited by the National Children’s Bureau. This award follows a thorough evaluation during the Autumn Term and acknowledges the School’s leading provision for the support of emotional wellbeing and mental health.

The Wellbeing Award was set up in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) to assist schools in promoting the emotional wellbeing and positive mental health of staff and pupils. The Wellbeing Award aims to assist schools in promoting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of students and staff and in turn build the confidence, progress and resilience of children, enabling them to thrive.

Further information on the Wellbeing Award can be found on the website: https://www.awardplace.co.uk/award/was

During the final assessment of provision, the external verifier noted considerable strengths across our provision – including strong leadership and clear processes.

“The school does as much as possible to meet the needs of all pupils and staff in order for everyone to feel like they can thrive. Pupils especially feel like they belong, that they are safe and that they are ready to learn. When they don’t feel ready to learn, if they have concerns or if they feel uneasy, they know how to employ the strategies and tools that they have been taught to help themselves, and who to speak to if they need support.

The support in place across the school for everyone is exemplary. – Pupils really enjoy being at school and can express all that is on offer to them to support their health and wellbeing. The array of consistent support that is available to them is highly impressive and comprehensive.”

You can read the full verification report on our website.

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