February 13, 2021

Wezi’s chocolate dream becomes reality

Being unable to buy reasonably priced good chocolate, would upset anyone, obviously but OL Wezi Mzumara (2006) decided to actually do something about the problem and set up a cocoa plantation.

She explains “I moved back to Malawi in 2011 and set up a small PR agency which has been growing over the years. I realised being in Africa you have to have multiple streams of income in order to survive so I also started farming which is was a very hard decision as I had no clue what to farm and didn’t want to do the stereotypical maize, tobacco, beans etc. I was getting quite upset about the cost of chocolate in the shops so decided why not investigate growing cocoa. It turns out in one of the border towns in Tanzania they had just opened a cocoa processing factory. So managed to get hold of a few pods and experimented planting, the few pods has turned into a full blown cocoa farm which will be in full production in the next two years.2

Whilst trees have been growing, Wezi has been busy creating a name in Fashion PR, founding Kwanza PR. She adds “I managed to find time to create Malawi’s only fashion week, which is extremely exciting as a publicist and an avid fan of new African fashion and trends. Mzuzu Fashion Week has been running for the last 6 years.”

Cocoa farmer

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