Modern boarding near London

Our boarding school in Reading, Berkshire, offers a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their independence and grow as individuals. Boarders enjoy a warm welcoming home from home with the support and facilities to excel. Each House is like its own cosmopolitan community, with British students living alongside students from 45 different countries, offering lots of opportunities to make new friends and learn about other cultures. Five teachers live in each boarding house, providing a wholesome and supportive environment where our boarders can develop a strong and positive sense of self, and thrive academically.
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Modern boarding for girls and boys

  • Set in 65 acres of Berkshire parkland in the town of Reading, 25 minutes from London
  • Full and weekly boarding
  • Flexi-boarding is the option to stay for a minimum of two nights each week (subject to availability)
  • Single-sex boarding accommodation in Senior Houses (Year 10 upwards)
  • New junior boarding (Years 7, 8 and 9) accommodation
  • Comfortable single study bedrooms for Sixth Formers
  • Shared rooms for younger students, with their own space to study
  • A balance of organised and free time at the weekends, with prep time, co-curricular activities and trips

Learn more about the Houses

Fryer House (Year 7, 8 and 9)

Our junior boarding house provides a nurturing, kind family-feel home for our 11 to 13 year old boarders
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Reckitt House (Senior girls)

Home to our 65 senior boarding girls, Reckitt is located near the sports fields and surrounded by oak trees
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School House (Senior boys)

Home to our 65 senior boarding boys, School House is located near the restaurant and 25m indoor swimming pool
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Hear from our boarders

Our boarding students are a wonderful bunch. Browse our individual videos to meet some of them.
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See inside our boarding houses

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“Being a boarder gave me a more involved school experience. At university I find myself talking about school and 'house life' with an affection that is obviously alien to so many other people.”

A Previous Boarder

Hear from our boarders
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We have 38 boarding student videos so you can hear the perspectives of students in different year groups and from different countries.

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Boarding at Leighton Park School

Three Meals a Day

Healthy eating is high on our agenda across the school, but particularly for boarders who have so many of their meals with us. We believe that giving students nourishing, balanced meals and a wide variety of choice will set them up for whatever the day holds.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in our Oakview restaurant every day, catering to all dietary and cultural requirements.

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Top Reasons to Consider Boarding for Your Child - Discover the Leighton Park Advantage

1. Holistic Development: Boarding schools like Leighton Park offer an environment that fosters holistic development. Research indicates that students in boarding schools report higher levels of motivation and engagement. According to a study by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), boarding school students feel more prepared for university and adult life.

2. Academic Excellence: At Leighton Park, our focus on academic excellence is demonstrated by the latest UK Government analysis, showing that our Sixth Form leavers achieve the best academic progress in Berkshire. The TABS study also found that boarding school students spend more time on homework and extracurricular activities, leading to higher academic achievement. Our boarding students consistently outperform our day students for the academic progress that they achieve.

3. Exceptional Facilities and Resources: Leighton Park has extensive facilities and resources. Whether it’s industry-standard recording studios, nine specialist art studios, state-of-the-art science labs, an incredible design workshop or expansive sports fields, Leighton Park provides an environment where students can thrive, develop their established interests or discover new passions.

4. Diverse Community and Global Perspectives: UK Boarding schools are melting pots of cultures, offering a global perspective. A study by the Boarding School Review found that students in boarding schools enjoy a more diverse and inclusive environment, preparing them for our globally connected world. 50% of our boarders are British with 45 countries are represented in the School, making for a vibrant learning community.

5. Independence and Responsibility: One of the key benefits of boarding at Leighton Park is the development of independence and responsibility in students. The structured environment helps students learn time management and self-discipline, essential skills for future success. Students at Leighton Park are given more responsibility as they move up the School, including the opportunity to plan their own trips to London and Oxford with friends, more choice about clothing during the school day and more autonomy in how and when they can use their mobiles.

6. Stronger Teacher-Student Relationships: Boarding schools often have smaller class sizes, which leads to stronger teacher-student relationships. A report by The Art of Education University highlights the importance of these relationships in student achievement and well-being. Five teachers live in each of our boarding houses, so our students get to know their teachers really well and can ask for support if they don’t understand Prep.

7. Lifelong Friendships and Networks: The boarding school experience at Leighton Park fosters lifelong friendships. Alumni networks are strong, providing personal and professional support long after graduation. Our boarding students talk about the deeper level of friendships you can make when you live together with your friends.

8. Enhanced Co-Curricular Activities: Co-curricular activities are a vital part of the boarding school experience. Research shows that participation in these activities boosts student confidence and leadership skills. While our co-curricular programme is open to all our students, our boarding students can really make the most of the opportunities as they are living on site.

9. Customised Learning Experiences: At Leighton Park, we understand that each child is unique. As a boarding school we get to know our students extremely well and can offer more personalised learning experiences to cater to their individual student needs.

10. Safety and Security: Parents can be assured of their child’s safety and well-being. Leighton Park offers a secure and nurturing environment for all students, backed up by exceptional pastoral support highlighted in our Independent Schools Inspection Report and Wellbeing Award for Schools certification. Our location offers the best of both worlds, with our beautiful, safe campus within easy reach of London and Oxford.

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