July 1, 2021

YouHQ Awards

During Fryer’s Final Collect of the Summer Term, Life on Time co-founders Jon Ford and our very own Director of Sport, PE and Wellness, Jez Belas, delivered a moving presentation to Years 7 and 8 on the importance of a life with purpose. Recognising that a dream without a plan is just a dream, they encouraged students to consider a series of actions and a timeframe if they wanted to turn their dreams into achievable goals.

The motivating speech was born out of Life on Time’s mission to help every person to learn the life skills to live successful, meaningful and fulfilled lives. Jon and Jez, who met on the Sport Science course at the University of Exeter, have created wellbeing and personal development software specifically aimed at supporting students and PE Departments. Their business model includes an app called YouHQ which enables users to manage values-based goals effectively, helping them build self-esteem, wellbeing and emotional resilience.

A number of Leighton Park Fryers were recognized in the Collect for their regular engagement with the APP and for their success in progressing towards their personal goals. The winner of the YouHQ Award for 2021 was Leo (Year 7) who offered constructive feedback and suggestions to John and Jez through the comment area and worked with John to create a podcast series supporting YouHQ.

As Denzel Washington said in his address to a graduating class of American university students, “The smaller things are just as important as the big things; they change the person you want to be.”

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