November 17, 2023

You’ve Got a Friend in the Wellbeing Team

During Anti-Bullying Awareness Week (13th-17th November), Leighton Park’s Wellbeing Team has been making a noise about bullying. Our Wellbeing Team is made up of students who are passionate about being able to provide friendly advice to peers and point them in the direction of the appropriate staff members. 

 The Wellbeing Team had not only planned a ‘wear odd socks day’ to bring awareness to the global issue of bullying but are also reintroducing themselves through a poster campaign as beacons of the community for those who may need a helping hand on a down day. The Wellbeing Team have all participated in intense mental health and safeguarding training delivered by group leader and Pastoral Invention Practitioner, Rachel Webb, to recognise signs of many different issues and how they can help where appropriate.  

 The Wellbeing Team’s purpose is to de-stigmatise social topics to aid respect and equality in our community and to raise awareness of topics such as bullying. The hope is that they and their peers are prepared for their future beyond School, can handle difficult situations and help those who need it with kindness. 

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