GCSE | Combined Science

GCSE in Combined Science

Board: OCR
Syllabus Code: J250

This option offers an alternative to studying separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The specification is divided into topics each covering different key concepts of science. Teaching of practical skills is integrated within the course. Successful completion leads to the award of two GCSEs. This course is most suited to candidates that want a broad appreciation of all three science disciplines but with a slightly reduced content compared to the separate science subjects. Therefore, it is still an excellent preparation to study any of the Sciences at A Level or within the International Baccalaureate Diploma, but student use one less option slot compared to students that study all three sciences separately at GCSE. Read the OCR full specification.


Each science subject is assessed by terminal examination with two papers per subject (6 examination papers in total). Each paper is seventy minutes long and worth 60 marks. Paper one assesses the first three teaching topics and paper two examines the others, with an assumed knowledge of topics one to three (for details of topics see table below).

Content Overview

The content is designed to be taught in eighteen teaching topics as shown in the table below.


  • Topic B1: Cell level systems
  • Topic B2: Scaling up
  • Topic B3: Organism level systems
  • Topic B4: Community level systems
  • Topic B5: Interaction between systems
  • Topic B6: Global challenges


  • Topic C1: Particles
  • Topic C2: Elements, compounds and mixtures
  • Topic C3: Chemical reactions
  • Topic C4: Predicting and identifying reactions and products
  • Topic C5: Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions
  • Topic C6: Global challenges


  • Topic P1: Matter
  • Topic P2: Forces
  • Topic P3: Electricity and magnetism
  • Topic P4: Waves and radioactivity
  • Topic P5: Energy
  • Topic P6: Global challenges


If you have any queries about this course, please contact:

Head of Science: David Hammond
Head of Biology: Gemma Sims
Head of Chemistry: Adam Ball
Head of Physics: Simon Booth

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