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A vibrant learning community
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Year 9 is the first year of our Senior School and one of our main entry points. 60 students transition from Fryer, our Lower School, with 20 new students joining from secondary schools and prep schools.



In Year 9 we continue to offer a broad and inspiring curriculum, giving students the opportunity to explore their interests and lay important foundations for their future success, including the study skills they will require at GCSE. Experiential and project-based learning is at the heart of our approach.

Pastoral Care

Each child is a member of a tutor group with ten other students. Tutors see their tutees three times every day - meaning they get to know each other very well, with Tutors able to quickly spot if something isn’t quite right. Year 9s also benefit from their own Social Hub in the centre of the School.
Pastoral Care

Wrap-around Care

Our wrap-around care means that day students are welcome from 7.30am and can choose to stay until 9.00pm if they wish. It gives them the chance to try new activities and eat together with their friends – and all at no extra cost. With 90 co-curricular hobbies and Prep Club, they’ll never be short of something to do.

Year 9 Boarding

Our Year 9 boarders enjoy being part of our Senior Boarding Houses, with Years 9, 10 and 11 located on the first floor. With their own common rooms and study spaces our younger students can enjoy time together, whilst also benefiting from mentors and positive role models in more senior years.
Year 9 Boarding

The Duke of Edinburgh Award
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All our Year 9s are strongly encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Students are expected to take part in at least three co-curricular activities each week, broadening their horizons with new experiences, meeting new friends and learning about themselves.

Duke of Edinburgh

LP Learner Profile

The Leighton Park Learner Profile is a touchpoint for our students and staff, reminding all members of our teaching and learning community of the aspects of education that we value most greatly. These approaches and skills have an impact across the whole curriculum and enhance the educational experience for each subject as well as within cross-curricular activities. The School’s Quaker values are at the heart of the Learner Profile, underpinning everything that we do.

Subject videos
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The promise of choice lies at the heart of Leighton Park’s curriculum with students exploring subjects in breadth and depth. Students are supported to explore new areas and build on their subject knowledge, enabling them to make an informed choice when it comes to selecting subjects at GCSE level. We’ve only been able to cover some of our more unusual subjects below but hope to add more soon. Watch our subject videos to hear what our students think.

Use the icon in the top right of the video to select different subjects.

DT workshop

Year 9 - A day in the life
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Hear Clem, one of our Year 9 students, talk about a normal day at Leighton Park.

For busy families, juggling multiple commitments, our model provides the reassurance that your children are well looked after, exploring their different interests in a supportive and aspirational learning environment. Flexible boarding is also an option across all year groups, subject to availability.


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