Student well-being and pastoral care

We take our responsibility for your child’s well-being and happiness very seriously.
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Together We’re Happier

The small size of our community means our staff get to know each student as an individual and meaningful connections are made.

Calling teachers by their first names breaks down some of the traditional barriers to communication and helps students to feel they will be listened to. We believe that pupils are entitled to explanation and discussion, which encourages self-discipline.

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The School has a great reputation for accepting difference and that is a very good asset to have. As a community, we not only tolerate diversity, but embrace it, and that is rare to find in a school.

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All-round approach to learning and self-growth

Our Quaker values of honesty, integrity and equality underpin the relationships between students and teachers, with an emphasis on mutual respect. We look out for each other in the same way any family would.

Students are supported by strong tutor and house systems. Tutors see their ten tutees twice every day and are responsible for students’ personal and academic development. Such close and frequent contact helps tutors to develop very close relationships with their tutees and pick up on small details that might be missed in other schools.

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