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A Quaker approach to education believes in the inherent worth of each individual, recognising that each child has unique talents. We seek to unearth young people of real character and independence; individuals who are free-thinking with a clear, confident self-awareness.

Leighton Park students succeed as themselves

There is not a ‘Leighton Park student’. We do not wish to form students in a particular image. Instead, our students value self-discovery, emphasising breadth and depth, the spiritual and the empathetic, they have the drive to follow their passions and to succeed as themselves.

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Aamina playing the Cello


“When I joined the school everyone was incredibly supportive when I needed help with anything. This is something that I didn’t experience as much at my previous school, and is one of the reasons why I enjoy my time as LP so much.”


Adrianna A*, A*, A - Medicine, University of Manchester

“I truly appreciate Leighton Park for the kind atmosphere, which is advocated by everyone, it really is unlike all other schools and coming here from a foreign country it was hard to adapt but there was a lot of support at LP. I admire that this school helps you evolve; I’ve gained a level of independence and confidence in both my work and as a person. The ethos in this school, which stems from the Quaker values, is much more than just that, using first names when referring to teachers has made a gateway of communication where I feel teachers are always happy to help me with any issues I may have.”

Ahmer Adnan


“Sixth form at LP is a truly unique experience. In the classroom, teachers push you to your academic limits and provide support to develop you beyond them, fuelling a life long passion for your subjects and helping you achieve to the best of your ability. We are encouraged to think ‘outside the box’, beyond the syllabus and research topics of interest. Not only does LP develop you academically but also as a person.”


“More than any other school I have been to or have heard about, it is a community. Everyone is supportive of one another and it is a school based on strong morals that uphold the school to be one of trust, respect and equality where everyone feels welcomed.”

Chunya on sports field

Chunya A*, A, A At A Level | Management, University of Surrey

“Leighton Park is like no other school. The Leighton Park difference is individualism. In an ever moving world of generic examinations and standardised testing, it is the needs of each individual student that are cherished here. What Leighton Park does exceptionally well is harness the ability of an individual to be who they are and who they can become, allowing their talents to shine throughout the School.”

Daisy 30 Points at IB | Law, Oxford Brookes

“I love the sense of community and that I can always be helped or reassured by pupils or teachers. I love the independence that we are all given and the sense of freedom within the park and I think that it has really developed me over the 6 years that I have been here. The opportunities are endless and I think it really adds to the school.”

Faye A, A, A At A Level | Medicine, Queen's University Belfast

“The boarding house staff are really nice. My Deputy Head of House is extremely supportive with any problems I have. He would give me books to read and, because I do English, that is the most fantastic thing. I talk to him about personal problems, English problems, my books, I talk to him about my course work – and just generally the boarding house staff and boarding staff are just fantastic.”

Henry A, A, A at A Level | Civil Engineering, University of Edinburgh

“I like the community, the park, the relationship with teachers, the relationship with friends, the ability to spend time with friends doing things (eg after school in the house or activities) and I genuinely have a good time just being at school.”

Irene 35 points at IB | Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool

“Since coming here I have come to appreciate the sense of calm, through the stillness of the Park setting and the reflective silence at assemblies. This has really helped me settle in to the school as a new student and provides a contrast between the pressures of academic study and the temperament of the school as a whole.”


Lihi 37 points - Psychology, University of Bath

“I really like the engagement between years at the school as well as the strong and reliable interaction between teachers. I feel very comfortable talking to anyone at any year and have made friends in a variety of year groups in addition to my own. In regards to the teachers, I think that they are very easy to talk to and the fact that we get to call them by their first names creates a very unique bond with them which I haven’t yet found elsewhere!”

Michael Rincon

Michael A*, A, A - Music, University of Southampton

“I like how active the School is in the arts and how prominent music and drama are at LP. I like how the school encourages you to be your own person and how the Quaker values are present in all aspects of School life making LP a unique community, not just a school.”

Millie 42 points at IB | English and French, University of Oxford

“Leighton Park is a rarity, and gave me an insane and maybe ill-founded confidence in goodness…

I am endlessly grateful for the friends I’ve met in the past five years.”

Nat A*, A*, A*, A* at A Level | Mathematics, University of Oxford

“One of the things that makes Leighton Park so special is the level of individual attention it affords its students, allowing everyone the opportunity to thrive and develop into a better person along the way. I will always be grateful for the values I developed, the wide range of experiences I had, and the friendships I made during my time at Leighton Park.”

Nikki A*, A*, A - Music, Royal Northern College

“What I really think makes Leighton Park different is that every single student’s individual experience can be tailored for what they love and what they are interested in. As a musician, I spent a lot of time in the music department and they provided me with so many opportunities to develop my skills, such as choir, orchestra, chamber choir, jazz band – the ISA Barber Shop competition and even a senior production, which this year was Chicago. Whatever you are passionate about, Leighton Park will have something for you. Everyone on the Park was so friendly and welcoming when I first joined. The same can really be said about the teachers. They are all so nice and if you ever need any help then all you have to do is ask them.”

Peter Polz student headshot


“Leighton Park provides an incredibly open community, encouraging people to speak up and think for themselves. The commitment of teachers, and the way they support us as students, is remarkable. My teachers want me to succeed and do well, and this is very apparent in the way they teach. I’m provided with a lot of support if I feel like I need it, and you generally feel ‘safe’ in an academic point of view.”

Ravi Nathwani student headshot


“I have a huge debt to repay to the Leighton Park staff, especially music, for providing me with so many opportunities and having a belief in my abilities. I certainly wouldn’t be dreaming of a career in Music, let alone applying to conservatories, without their support.”

Seb A*, A*, A* At A Level | Mathematics, University of Bristol

“Calling the teachers by their first names creates a sense of equality between the students and teachers. I also think the sports options at school are very good as they offer students the chance to represent the school in a variety of sports with regular fixtures which is very enjoyable as well as helping students maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Serafina Lee headshot


“I love the caring atmosphere and the ethos within the school. The time for reflection during school assemblies is something I greatly value as a time for contemplation – a break from the stress that school can build up. Relationships between the students and teachers are also very important here, and the fact that Leighton Park is a boarding school means that school does feel like a second home.”

Shaun A*, A, A - Politics and International Relations, UCL

“I like the relaxed atmosphere of the school, where I can fully express my personality and grow as a person. In primary school, I was always the shy kid who didn’t really speak much. However, Leighton Park has given me the platform to fully express myself and over my time at LP, my self-confidence has risen massively and I feel like I have gained so much confidence at LP but also matured as a person. I also love the amazing opportunities we are given, for example activities and trips. No other school that I know offers such diverse activities and such incredible trips and I am forever grateful that my parents are able to send me to a school like Leighton Park.”

Wallance playing at House Music


There are so many reasons why I love LP, and the best thing is respect. I have never felt such strong respect from staff in my old schools. At LP you are taught patiently and kindly. Many of my teachers give up their own time to support us with our studies.”

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