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Over 90 hobbies in eight zones ensures that our extensive co-curricular programme offers something for everyone. Discover, explore, develop and inspire as you join existing friends and make new ones through your choices.
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A message from Tash, Assistant Head: Co-Curricular

Confidence building, participation, resilience and friendship. Co-curricular at Leighton Park has taken on different guises across the generations of Leightonians, but one thing remains a constant: our commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities which develop important skills in our students and form part of the bespoke character education profile of our School. We are an inclusive, kind and caring school which ensures this is within everyone’s reach.

Students are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe in everyone’s potential to realise their interests and talents. We listen closely to our students to reflect their passions and preferences and offer a dynamic termly programme.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The DofE award provides an opportunity to discover new interests and talents. It is also a fantastic tool to develop essential skills for life and work. As a recognised mark of achievement, the award is respected by employers and universities. Our co-curricular programme offers a range of activities which can support your Duke of Edinburgh physical, service or skill sections at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

Our DofE & Outdoor Education Manager, Isaac, co-ordinates training for the expedition section and can advise on residential options at Gold level. DofE Bronze is compulsory for all Year 9 students through the Community, Activity, Service (CAS) curriculum and a popular option for students in Year 10 or above keen to continue with Silver and Gold.

Hobby Finder

Check out all the exciting clubs on this term’s co-curricular programme or use the filters and sorting arrows to narrow down your hobby search and find your perfect activity.

Hobby nameDayTimeYearsD of E compatibilityZoneMore info
001 Monday ExternalMonday16:15-18:00
002 Tuesday ExternalTuesday16:15-18:00
003 Wednesday ExternalWednesday16:15-18:00
004 Thursday ExternalThursday16:15-18:00
005 Friday ExternalFriday16:15-18:00
006 Saturday ExternalSaturday07:00-20:00
007 Sunday ExternalSunday07:00-20:00
01 Hub Yr 11 MonMonday16:30-17:3011
01 Hub Yr 9 MondayMonday16:30-17:309
01. Hub Yr 10 MonMonday16:30-17:3010
02. Hub Yr 10 TuesTuesday16:30-17:3010
02. Hub Yr 11 TuesTuesday16:30-17:3011
02. Hub Yr 9 TuesTuesday16:30-17:309
03. Hub Yr 10 WedWednesday16:30-17:3010
03. Hub Yr 11 WedWednesday16:30-17:3011
03. Hub Yr 9 WedWednesday16:30-17:309
04. Hub Yr 10 ThursThursday16:30-17:3010
04. Hub Yr 9 ThursThursday16:30-17:309
04. Hub Yr11 ThursThursday16:30-17:3011
3D Art clubMonday16:30-17:309
Amnesty InternationalWednesday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6th
APP Fryer Thurs 4.30Thursday16:30-17:307, 8DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
APP Year 10Monday13:15-14:10, 16:30-17:3010DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
APP Year 9Wednesday16:30-17:309, 10DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
APP Yr 11-13 TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:3011, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
BasketballWednesday18:00-19:0010, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Brass GroupThursday13:30-14:107, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Brazillian Ju Jitsu with Danny WilliamsWednesday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Cardio ClubTuesday13:15-14:107, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Chamber ChoirMonday13:15-14:1011, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Chinese Culture ClubMonday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thAcademic Enrichment
Classical Guitar EnsembleMonday, Tuesday13:15-14:10, 13:45-14:10, 13:50-14:157, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Climbing ClubTuesday18:00-19:009, 10, 11, L6th, U6th
Costume design Guys and DollsTuesday18:00-19:009, 10, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
DofE BronzeWednesday16:30-17:309Skills
Dorico SoftwareMonday, Tuesday13:15-13:40, 13:15-13:45, 13:15-14:107, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: Skill
Flute EnsembleFriday13:15-14:107, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Football Thurs with Reading FCThursday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Football with Reading FCTuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Fryer 3D Computer Aided DesignMonday16:30-17:307, 8STEAM
Fryer Adventure ClubTuesday16:30-17:307, 8Skills
Fryer and the Chocolate FactoryWednesday16:30-17:307, 8Skills
Fryer and Yr 9 HockeyMonday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Fryer Board GamesMonday, Thursday16:30-17:307, 8Clubs & Societies
Fryer Book ClubMonday13:15-14:107, 8Academic Enrichment
Fryer Couch to 5KThursday16:30-17:307, 8Sport & Wellbeing
Fryer Craft ClubWednesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9Skills
Fryer Dance THURSWednesday, Thursday13:15-14:107, 8Expression
Fryer DramaMonday16:30-17:307, 8Expression
Fryer Drama Thurs 4.30Thursday16:30-17:307, 8Expression
Fryer DressmakingTuesday16:30-17:307, 8
Fryer Girls ClubThursday13:15-14:107, 8
Fryer Girls Netball and FitnessTuesday16:30-17:307, 8Sport & Wellbeing
Fryer iDEAMonday16:30-17:307, 8STEAM
Fryer in house 2 TuesTuesday16:30-18:007, 8
Fryer in house 4 ThursThursday16:30-18:007, 8
Fryer in house 5 FridayFriday16:30-18:007, 8
Fryer in-house 1 MondayMonday16:30-18:007, 8
Fryer in-house 3 WednesdayWednesday16:30-18:007, 8
Fryer Jazz BandThursday13:25-14:107, 8Music & Media
Fryer Lego Builders ClubTuesday16:30-17:307, 8Skills
Fryer Model Glider ClubMonday16:30-17:307, 8Skills
Fryer PhotographyMonday16:30-17:307, 8Expression
Fryer Prep Club 01 MondayMonday16:30-17:307, 8
Fryer Prep Club 02 TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:307, 8
Fryer Prep Club 03 WednesdayWednesday16:30-17:307, 8
Fryer Prep Club 04 ThursdayThursday16:30-17:307, 8
Fryer Random Acts of Kindness ThursThursday16:30-17:307, 8Charities & Service
Fryer seasonal craftsThursday16:30-17:307, 8
Fryer VoicesTuesday13:30-14:107, 8Music & Media
General Weights 11-13Monday18:00-19:0011, L6th, U6th
Girls FootballTuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10
Girls’ Box fitThursday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Girls’ FitnessWednesday16:30-17:309, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Girls’ RugbyWednesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Gods and GladiatorsTuesday16:30-17:307, 8Academic Enrichment
Guys and Dolls RehearsalsMonday13:15-14:1010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls rehearsals Monday 4.30Monday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls Rehearsals Thurs 4.30Thursday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls Rehearsals Thurs 6.00Thursday18:00-19:0010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls Rehearsals Thursday lunchtimeThursday13:15-14:1010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls rehearsals Tuesday 4.30Tuesday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls Rehearsals Wed 4.30Wednesday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
Guys and Dolls Rehearsals Wed 6.00Wednesday18:00-19:0010, 11, L6th, U6thExpression
History ClubThursday13:15-14:1011Academic Enrichment
History EnrichmentThursday16:30-17:3010, 11
HockeyMonday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Individual Music PracticeTuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Individual Music Practice MondayMonday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Individual Music Practice ThursdayThursday16:30-17:30
Individual Music Practice WednesdayWednesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
JudoMonday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Junior Artful MathsThursday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Junior Eco ClubTuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: ServiceCharities & Service
Junior GSAMonday13:15-14:107, 8, 9DofE: SkillClubs & Societies
Junior Percussion EnsembleThursday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Junior RugbyMonday, Thursday16:30-17:307, 8, 9DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Knitting Y9 – 13Monday16:30-17:309, 10, 11, L6th, U6th
L6 Business & Ethical EnterpriseMonday13:15-14:10L6th
LP WindsWednesday13:15-14:10DofE: SkillMusic & Media
LP WritersTuesday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6th
Music Tech ProductionMonday13:15-14:107, 8, 9, 10, 11DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Musical Rehearsals Thurs LunchtimeThursday13:15-14:1010, 11, L6th, U6thMusic & Media
NATD Dance 4.30Tuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalExpression
NATD Dance Mon lunchMonday13:15-14:107, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalExpression
NEWTSWednesday16:30-17:3011DofE: ServiceSTEAM
OrchestraTuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Random Acts of Kindness TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:307, 8Charities & Service
Rock SchoolMonday, Thursday16:30-17:307, 8Music & Media
Row fitThursday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: Physical
Senior Art Master ClassTuesday18:00-19:0011, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillExpression
Senior ChoirMonday16:30-17:309, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Senior Club STEAM ProjectsTuesday16:30-17:309, 10, 11, L6th, U6thSTEAM
Senior GSAMonday13:15-13:4510, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillClubs & Societies
Senior Maths ClubTuesday18:00-19:0011, L6th, U6th
Senior Maths ClubThursday16:30-17:309, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Senior Media ProductionWednesday, Thursday16:30-17:309, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Senior Percussion EnsembleWednesday, Thursday13:15-14:109, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: Skill
Senior RugbyFriday13:15-14:1011, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Senior Rugby TrainingMonday16:30-17:3010, 11, L6th, U6th
Senior seasonal craftsThursday18:00-19:009, 10, 11, L6th, U6th
Senior YogaTuesday16:30-17:3011, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Sixth Form AcapallaFriday13:15-14:10L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Sixth Form AmicusTuesday16:30-17:30L6th, U6thDofE: Service
Sixth Form Book clubWednesday13:15-14:10L6th, U6thDofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Sixth Form Cardio Running ClubWednesday13:15-14:10L6th, U6thDofE: Physical
Sixth Form Cooking for UniversityMonday16:30-17:30L6th, U6thDofE: SkillSkills
Sixth Form Debating MattersTuesday16:30-17:30L6th, U6thDofE: Skill
Sixth Form Eco SchoolsWednesday13:30-14:10L6th, U6thDofE: ServiceCharities & Service
Sixth Form EPQ TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:30U6thAcademic Enrichment
Sixth Form French Book ClubThursday16:30-17:30L6th, U6thDofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Sixth Form JazzFriday13:15-13:45L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Sixth Form Music ProductionTuesday13:10-14:10L6th, U6thDofE: SkillMusic & Media
Sixth Form Prep Club 01 MondayMonday16:20-18:00, 16:30-17:30L6th, U6th
Sixth Form Prep Club 02 TuesdayTuesday16:20-18:00, 16:30-17:30L6th, U6th
Sixth Form Prep Club 03 WednesdayWednesday16:20-18:00, 16:30-17:30L6th, U6th
Sixth Form Prep Club 04 ThursdayThursday16:20-18:00, 16:30-17:30L6th, U6th
String EnsembleTuesday, Wednesday13:15-14:10DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Sustainable cookingThursday16:30-17:309, 10, 11
Tech CrewWednesday13:15-14:10DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Tennis APPMonday, Tuesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
TextilesTuesday18:00-19:0011, L6th, U6thDofE: SkillExpression
Theatre Graduate WorkshopFriday13:15-14:1010, 11, L6th, U6thDofE: Skill
U6 Aspiring HighThursday16:30-17:30U6thAcademic Enrichment
Upper Sixth EPQ WednesdayWednesday16:30-17:30U6thAcademic Enrichment
WarhammerWednesday16:30-17:307, 8, 9, 10, 11, L6th, U6thSkills
Y11 Engineering SupportWednesday16:30-17:3011
Year 10 & 11 Latin StudiesThursday16:30-17:3010, 11DofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Year 10 Cardio ClubMonday13:15-14:1011DofE: Physical
Year 10 Cardio Running ClubFriday13:15-14:1010DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Year 10 Jazz ClubMonday, Tuesday13:15-13:4510DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Year 10 Prep Club 01 MondayMonday16:30-17:3010DofE: Skill
Year 10 Prep Club 02 TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:3010DofE: Skill
Year 10 Prep Club 03 WednesdayWednesday16:30-17:3010DofE: Skill
Year 10 Prep Club 04 ThursdayThursday16:30-17:3010DofE: Skill
Year 11 Book clubFriday13:15-14:1011DofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Year 11 JazzMonday13:45-14:1011DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Year 11 Prep Club 01 MondayMonday16:30-17:3011DofE: Skill
Year 11 Prep Club 02 TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:3011DofE: Skill
Year 11 Prep Club 03 WednesdayWednesday16:30-17:3011DofE: Skill
Year 11 Prep Club 04 ThursdayThursday16:30-17:3011DofE: Skill
Year 11 Production Tartuffe Fri lunchtime FridayFriday13:15-14:1011Expression
Year 11 Production Tartuffe Lunchtime MonMonday13:15-14:1011Expression
Year 11 Production Tartuffe lunchtime TuesTuesday13:15-14:1011Expression
Year 11 Production Tartuffe Thurs lunchtime ThursdayThursday13:15-14:1011Expression
Year 11 Tartuffe Monday 4.30Monday16:30-17:3011Expression
Year 11 Tartuffe Thurs 6.00Thursday18:00-19:0011Expression
Year 9 & 10 Drama ClubTuesday, Thursday16:30-17:309, 10DofE: SkillExpression
Year 9 &10 Book Club ThursThursday13:15-14:109, 10DofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Year 9 Cardio /RunningMonday13:15-14:109DofE: PhysicalSport & Wellbeing
Year 9 Code ClubWednesday16:30-17:309DofE: SkillSTEAM
Year 9 Dance WEDSWednesday, Thursday00:00-00:00, 13:15-14:109DofE: PhysicalExpression
Year 9 DofE BronzeWednesday16:30-17:309Skills
Year 9 JazzTuesday00:00-00:00, 13:15-13:459DofE: SkillMusic & Media
Year 9 Junior Maths ClubMonday16:30-17:309DofE: SkillAcademic Enrichment
Year 9 Prep Club 01 MondayMonday16:30-17:309DofE: Skill
Year 9 Prep Club 02 TuesdayTuesday16:30-17:309DofE: Skill
Year 9 Prep Club 03 WednesdayWednesday16:30-17:309DofE: Skill
Year 9 Prep Club 04 ThursdayThursday16:30-17:309DofE: Skill
Yr 10 and 11 Super SketchbooksWednesday16:30-17:3010, 11DofE: SkillExpression
Yr 11 Anti Bullying AmbassadorsTuesday13:15-14:1011DofE: ServiceCharities & Service
Yr 11 Tartuffe Production Thurs 4.30Thursday16:30-17:3011Expression
Yr 11 Tartuffe Production Wed lunchtimeWednesday13:15-14:1011Expression
Yr 9 Art Skills ClubTuesday16:30-17:309DofE: SkillExpression

Explore our Co-Curricular Zones

Academic Enrichment

Enrich your leaning and explore your passion for your favourite subjects.
Extend your intellect

Charities & Service

Making a difference, helping others and giving back is part of who we are as a School.
Value your community

Clubs & Societies

Joining with like-minded students is a rewarding way to expand your awareness and build your experience.
Develop your interests


Get involved and be inspired through our creative dance, drama, art and textiles departments.
Follow your dreams

Music & Media

Make some noise with our instrumental specialists, small and large ensembles, orchestra, choirs, animation, music production and music tech.
Reach for the stars


Take up a new hobby or build on existing skills; a fantastic way to relax and unwind whilst learning something different.
Master new talents

Sport & Wellbeing

A variety of traditional sports and interesting options for every level of sporting prowess.
Give it your all


Supporting budding engineers, designers, scientists and programmers to experiment, explore and create.
Experiment and discover

Whether you’re a talker; whether you’re a listener, it doesn’t matter what point of view you have or what age you are…I think that’s what everyone likes about it. There’s no pressure to be anything; you can just be there.”

Queralt, Lower Sixth, Philosophy Club member

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