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Exam success and beyond

We’re the top performing Sixth Form in Berkshire for the academic progress our Sixth Form leavers make and 14th among all boarding schools in England. Our approach shows that balancing high-quality learning (and yes – hard work!) with fun, living adventurously, sports, performing arts, off-curriculum projects and helping others is the best way to achieve academic success.

We want you to really love your learning. We prioritise experiential learning and getting out of the classroom, with a focus on creative problem-solving, interdisciplinary and project-based learning. Equality is one of our core values, so you can call your teachers by their first names and be sure that they’ll be by your side to support and guide you. The teachers lead the classes but everyone’s opinion is important.

After exams, 95% of our Sixth Form students go on to Higher Education. But whatever your ambitions, we’ll do all we can to help you achieve them.

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Helping You Find Your Role in the World

Students are supported by a careers advisor, receive psychometric profiling and can take part in trips to visit former students at the universities they are interested in. Our careers guidance programme includes:

  • Individual and group tutorials
  • Careers Fairs, featuring experts from a broad range of professions including many Old Leightonians
  • Visits to meet our former students who are now studying at leading universities
  • Interview preparation with our impressive network of former students
  • An interview exchange partnership with Lord Wandsworth College
  • Support applying for internships and apprenticeships
  • A programme of inspirational speakers throughout Sixth Form. Learn more about the Oakleaf Diploma.

Moving On to Higher Education

Our students accept offers from many different universities in the UK and abroad. Degree choices are varied but often reflect our strengths in STEAM, Music and Business. The quality of our careers counselling is reflected in 100% of our Oxbridge candidates being invited for interview this year.

Last year 62% went on to STEAM-related degrees and 45% went on to research-intensive Russell Group universities. Students also went on to specialist institutions that are the very best in their disciplines, such as four students going on to conservatoires to study Music.

We offer specialist pathways for students considering:

  • Oxbridge
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Applying to overseas universities

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Careers support and Aspiring High


Sally Saunders

Assistant Head: Pupil Personal Development

Sally Saunders has over 22 years experience of working in Education. Sally oversees our university and careers guidance counselling and has qualifications in careers education, information and guidance as well as being a qualified careers leader. She is particularly interested in supporting students with their future decisions and helping them to develop key aspects of their character to prepare them for adulthood. Sally was selected from over 400 applicants to represent the UK as part of the Fulbright Teaching Exchange Programme.
jennifer powlesland

Jenny Powlesland

Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning

Jenny Powlesland has been teaching for fifteen years. Jenny gained her double first undergraduate degree in Modern History and English at Oxford University and completed her PGCE at Oxford. Jenny oversees our Aspiring High Programme, which supports students applying to Oxbridge, Medicine, Law or overseas universities - as well as any student wanting support to apply for competitive or challenging courses.
Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor

Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form

Helen Taylor has 25 years of teaching experience and completed her PGCE at Oxford University. Helen manages the Sixth Form Tutor Team, who support our Sixth Form students with their UCAS applications. Helen has two daughters who have successfully completed a Leighton Park Sixth Form education with one pursing A Levels and the other taking the International Baccalaureate.
Esther - careers support

I have always been really involved in music at school and could not imagine life without it, so choosing a degree in the subject felt like the natural thing to do. I wanted a degree that included composition and performance, but also anthropology, psychology and history. The support for finding my degree was incredible, and teachers went out of their way to give me the greatest chance of finding a course that best suited me. Once I had picked the courses, my teachers were quick to help me to prepare for applications and interviews, and I really enjoyed the process as I felt it not only readied me for the application process but also gave me skills for wider life. I am really looking forward to continuing my study of a subject I am so passionate about, and going into greater depth to the areas of music that interest me the most.

Esther - Offer to study Music at the University of Oxford

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A, A, A at A Level | Politics & International Relations, University of Exeter

"My experience joining the Sixth Form was extremely welcoming, and I felt that I was able to adjust to a new school really quickly. Of the two years I spent here, there was so much to get involved in, not just for academics, which created such an accepting and lively atmosphere in the school. The friendliness of the students and teachers provides a great environment for learning."
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A*, A, A at A Level - Music, University of Southampton

"I like how active the School is in the arts and how prominent music and drama are at LP. I like how the school encourages you to be your own person and how the Quaker values are present in all aspects of School life making LP a unique community, not just a school."
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41 Points for IB Diploma | Chemical Engineering, Lancaster University

“The best thing about the IB for me has been the community; being able to study with the same group of people, you get really close, even in lockdown everyone was studying together; we had study groups online. We just had to try to get through this weird and difficult time together.”
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A*, A*, A*, A* at A Level with an A* EPQ | Medicine, Imperial College

"Sixth form at LP is a truly unique experience. In the classroom, teachers push you to your academic limits and provide support to develop you beyond them, fuelling a life long passion for your subjects and helping you achieve to the best of your ability. We are encouraged to think 'outside the box', beyond the syllabus and research topics of interest. Not only does LP develop you academically but also as a person."
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