July 6, 2022

Field House Boost Salvation Army Funds

Field House welcomed Jim Cusson, Chaplin of Willow House, one of the Salvation Army’s Lifehouses in Reading, to the Park for House Collect on Wednesday 6th July. Jim, with his wife Edwina, provide homelessness services, helping those in need to get back on their feet. The care offered by the Salvation Army for homeless people ranges from providing beds to sleep in and practical catering courses to prayer meetings for spiritual support and emotional wellbeing.


As well as handing over a cheque for £500 to the Salvation Army, it was a chance to celebrate the fundraising that Field House have undertaken this year and to reflect on the ongoing need to offer help and support to others, in line with our Quaker values.


Housemistress, Jakki Marr, commented; “House charities have done very well across the year, we’ve tried to do something every half term, channelling energy into not wasting stuff. Field has always been a community, we often call ourselves ‘the Field family’, and we’ve always done stuff outside of school we do something every year. We’re a private Quaker school and we should be doing that as a given.”


The House raised money from cookie and ice cream sales across the summer term and donated books and clothes. Owing to the weight loss experienced by many homeless people special consideration was given to the sizing of the clothes with a focus on those that would be suitable for those experiencing alcohol or drug abuse.


Calder (Year 10) was pleased to be involved with the effort. “I feel happy and made up with what we’ve done as a House. I think that’s what makes Field such a special House because it’s all about giving back and I thank that’s also a big part of our School as well”


Jim commented, “This donation today will go a long way in helping us to help other people. Someone once said ‘every little helps’. Well, this is more than a little, this is a lot! And this will help a lot, and we thank you very much for it, thank you”.


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