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This page is intended as a guide for what students, parents and guardians should expect from remote learning at Leighton Park in the event of a Government-directed school closure. The UK Government has committed to keeping schools open during the Covid-19 pandemic but families may find the following overview of our remote learning provision a useful reference point. As a forward-looking school that has embraced technology, Leighton Park has demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly to school closures and ensure a continuity of high quality education for its students.
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Lessons from lockdowns

Leighton Park benefitted from its forward-looking approach to learning technology during the last two UK Government imposed lockdowns. We also embraced the opportunity to learn from the experience, evaluating and enhancing our provision. While we very much hope that there will be no more lockdowns, we are in a very strong position to support our students to make excellent academic progress – wherever they are learning.

  • After two lockdowns our 2021 A Level cohort achieved 72% A*-A grades

During our evaluation of distance learning during lockdown in May 2020:

  • 95% of families agreed or strongly agreed that the lesson provision in Google Classroom had been of excellent quality
  • 94% of families agreed or strongly agreed that the School had supported their child to make academic progress.

Aims of our Guided Distance Learning Programme

To maintain the key principles of an outstanding education through:
• Personalised learning
• Innovative pedagogy
• Developing independent learning.

To continue to develop the skills and systems within the School to enable a connected and resilient learning community through our use of modern technology.

To maintain excellent communication with parents and support them with the change to the learning environment.

To ensure that all students, parents and staff are healthy, safe and happy.

Online safety

Online safety becomes even more important during remote learning as students spend more time on their devices. Leighton Park recommends that families follow the four GOLDen Rules:

  • Ground Rules
  • Online Safety
  • Learning
  • Dialogue

Further details on these will be provided to families in the event of a Government-directed School closure.

Remote Learning FAQs

How will my child access any online remote learning you are providing?
Leighton Park provides all students in Years 7-11 with Chromebook computers. These work seamlessly with our Google Classrooms Virtual Learning Environment. Students would also use the Office 365 suite. Our students already use these systems in School, so the adaption to Remote Learning is relatively straightforward

Will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as if they were in school?
The School will teach the same curriculum but with a slightly modified timetable to ensure students have screen breaks and time in the day to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Students continue to have six lessons a day and are expected to be online and ready for their classes at the lesson start time. Students are expected to participate as fully as possible and contribute positively to the online classroom environment.

How will my child be taught remotely?
• Each day, students will be set work by each of the teachers that you would normally have seen for a lesson.
• Lesson activities, resources and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom by
8.15am on the day of a lesson.
• During lessons, you may be invited to participate in a Google Meet, to receive more
interactive support from your teacher. If these are taking place, they will be scheduled
during the times you would have normally had a lesson in the subject

Teachers will monitor work and make sure students are completing tasks.
• They will provide feedback and marking in line with the School marking policy, to
enable students make progress. Students should read their feedback carefully and act upon targets given to make improvements.
• A wide range of co-curricular activities will be running on line and students are expected to take part to enrich their learning experience.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?
Reports and mid-term grade sheets will be issued as usual
• End of term grade sheet and report will be available at the end of each term
• Teachers will be contactable via email as usual
• Parents’ evenings and Tutor meetings will continue using the School Cloud platform.

What if I need help and support?
• Please contact class teachers by email in the first instance. Teachers will respond to your query as soon as they can
• All friends in the same class will have been issued the same work – students may find it helpful to work collaboratively or ask friends if they have a question.
• There is a wealth of resources available online that will help with your learning. Please see your Google Classroom and subject teachers’ recommendations.

Our Pastoral Promise

Leighton Park is particularly well-known for its excellent pastoral care and we recognise the importance of continuing and adapting this provision in the event of a Government-directed school closure.

Our Pastoral Promise is:
• We will maintain the excellent pastoral care that is the hallmark of Leighton Park School.
• Every student is as much of an individual online and in their own homes as they are at School.
• The channels of communication are open and students’ teachers are ready to listen, please get in touch.
• We are proud to be an international school. Now, we are reaching out across the globe to stay in touch.
• Every day, students can tap into your online School and know it is there for them.
• Students will be able to talk with their tutor and tutor group on Tuesdays at 10.30am via Google Meet and during PSHE on Thursdays. If a tutor is ill, they will inform students via email that a particular tutor session(s) may not run.
• Students will be able to connect with their House and year groups on alternate Wednesdays via Google Meet.
• Students will be able to connect with an eCollect on Mondays at 10.30am and Meeting for Worship on Thursdays at 10.30am.
• Students can also expect a personal 5 minute pastoral check in via Google Meet from tutors during term time.

Leighton Park student girl

I just wanted to feed back how impressed I am with the amazing job your teaching staff are doing. I also listen to the children between lessons when they work in a collegiate manner on lessons and projects. They are all very supportive and respectful to each other and although they seem to have fun; they also have a good work ethic and do knuckle down and get things done. I feel very blessed that my daughter is a pupil at Leighton Park.

Current Parent during 2020 lockdown

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