June 21, 2024

Research and Critical Thinking in FPQ

Wednesday 19th June saw Year 8’s presenting their Fryer Project Qualifications (FPQ) to an intrigued audience of staff, their peers and parents. The Fryer Project Qualification is the culmination of the two-year ‘Approaches to Learning’ programme, a hallmark feature of teaching and learning here at Leighton Park.

The programme aims to foster a spirit of enquiry and develop critical thinking and practical skills that will be useful to students as lifelong learners, in line with the Leighton Park Learner Profile. We have been impressed with the curiosity and originality displayed by the students as they have chosen their titles and questions, and the tenacity and maturity with which they have tackled their independent research.

For every student in Year 8 to write a dissertation of 1000 words on an original research question is a substantial achievement, and we would like to congratulate this year’s FPQ cohort on the success of their endeavours.

The titles chosen by this year’s students resound with character and individuality; they also reflect the values and concerns that form the basis of the school’s learning. AI crops up this year; many titles are political or explore sociological questions; many are concerned with sustainability and building a better future, whilst others still are purely theoretical, challenging existing preconceptions and the status quo. All are a reflection of personal passions and interests.

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