October 11, 2021

Theme Park Thrills for Year 9!

Sunday 10th October offered an action-packed weekend to our Year 9 students, thanks to Head of Year 9, Sally, and her adrenaline-fuelled entertainment plans. Keen to give her cohort the chance to spend time together having fun, the group headed to Thorpe Park in Surrey for a series of roller coaster rides and the chance to get splashed on the rapids and the giant slide.

Thorpe Park, part of the UK’s successful entertainment conglomerate, Merlin Entertainments, claims to be ‘The UK’s Most Thrilling Theme Park’ and our students certainly found that to be true! The brave bunch hung onto their seats for rides such as ‘Stealth’, the UK’s fastest roller coaster, and were wowed by the novelty of ‘The Swarm’, the UK’s first winged roller coaster!  A new ride at the Park, opened just this year, was a treat for those veteran thrill seekers familiar with Thorpe Park’s delights. The ‘Black Mirror Labyrinth’ is only available to those 13 or older so the Year 9s were pleased to have made it over the age limit!  With names like ‘Rush’, ‘Nemesis’, ‘Colossus’ and ‘Nemesis Inferno’ promising spins, twists, drops and loops our students were treated to a dizzying experience packed with speed and screams! For those less keen on the roller coasters the banana boats, water rides and 4D cinema made sure that everyone was well entertained.

Alasdair Stuart, Deputy Head of Year 9, commented “An amazing day, with fun had by all, and exemplary behaviour by our students. The weather looked like it was going to disrupt the day, but it turned out to be lovely. The students enjoyed all of the rides and activities, with the main rides commented on being ‘Swarm’, ‘Saw’, and ‘Nemesis Inferno’. Our time came to leave the park just as some of the ‘Fright Night’ activities were getting under way, with the challenge of passing the scarecrows on the bridge to the exit: some were more scared than others!”

The students were delighted by their day out; “The Thorpe park trip was great! It was so cool to get a chance to do a trip as a year group and get to spend time with everyone, especially the new students. The rollercoasters were amazing, and I am so glad I got to do it!” reflected Cali.



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