October 18, 2018

David Lean visited on this day in 1947

Delving in the Archives produces all sorts of surprises and fascination.  “The Leightonian” school magazine for December 1947, tells us that legendary Old Leightonian Sir David Lean returned to school on 18th October 1947 to talk to the boys about “Film Producing”.  He was accompanied by John Bryan, a talented producer. Sir David had left school in 1926, so in less than twenty years, his achievements were phenomenal.

The visit clearly made an impact; an anonymous and witty poem in “The Leightonian” marked the occasion.  The film buff will recognise the nods to some of Lean’s greatest work!

“Great Expectations were fulfilled when David Lean came down.

To the “sets” of early exploits and the scene of youth’s renown.

He comforted the Fifth Form by indication plain

That you needn’t have five credits to make Dickens live again.

Though brief was the encounter, yet some with hope it buoyed

Who intend to find their future in the strip of celluloid”.

Brief Encounter: 1946

Great Expectations: 1946

Blithe Spirit: 1945

This Happy Breed: 1944

In Which We Serve: 1942.


Black and white photo of Old Leightonian Sir David Lean

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