October 21, 2021

Ensembles Concert Extravaganza

On Wednesday 20th October, students (and staff!), now well versed in delivering virtual concerts, came together to play for the community. The programme promised a spectacular evening with performances from the Orchestra, LP Brass, Senior Choir, the LP Flute Ensemble, Fryer Voices, LP Winds, the Bassoon Trio, the LP String Ensemble and a vocal duet.

“The ensembles were very excited to be giving their first concert and although we were disappointed to not see the audience faces, we really hope the LP community enjoyed the live stream. They have been working really hard in preparation for the evening and we really hope there was something there for everyone to enjoy!” commented Director of Music, Rosemary Scales.

Upper Sixth Orchestra member, David, enthused “Every time when we have a concert, the moment when we finish the piece and the audience are clapping (in normal circumstances), that makes me feel very proud of myself. However, during rehearsals, where everyone is likeminded and comes to practise music together, that is the best moment. It’s a community that I’ve always wanted to have. The first time we read a piece, obviously it’s not going to be perfect but as time goes on, with the more rehearsals we do, we progress little by little.”

Speaking to her brass group, Visiting Music Teacher, Maddie Cottam, praised “Well done tonight! Brilliant first concert. I hope you enjoyed it, I was very proud and impressed.”

Following her first experience in a LP concert, Isabelle, commented “My favourite thing about Fryer Voices is probably the performance rehearsals because I really like doing concerts. The rehearsals are fun because we just practice and it doesn’t matter how good you are. We just practice and eventually get better. We’ve also got some really cool accompanists.”

Fellow Fryer Voices member, George, added “I like it how we get older students in and they play the piano or the drums and they’re really good – it’s something to look up to and something that you can think about doing in the future.”

One audience member commented, “I just wanted to thank you for last night’s concert and say how much we enjoyed it. It can’t have been easy streaming all the different groups online, but it worked really well! It was the first time that we have seen Tom playing in a full orchestral setting, and it was great to feel the atmosphere and see how much they were enjoying themselves. I thought the last orchestral piece was particularly impressive!”

Another said “Delighted to see and hear the ensembles after so long. Looking forward to contributing to the atmosphere, as an audience member, hopefully next year.”

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