January 25, 2022

Fryer to Jinja!

Last weekend, Fryer House launched their long-term project ‘Fryer to Jinja’. The Jinja Educational Trust, or JET as it is known, has played an enduring role in the charitable life of Fryer.

Between the Houses own gym equipment and use of the Cardio Suite, regular boarding students and day students making use of their free boarding nights, relentlessly rowed, ran and cycled for an hour on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

During their rest phase rotations, students continued with the cleaning of boot donations that will later make their way to the organisation with other goods.

Over the academic year, Fryer collectively aim to make the journey from Fryer to Jinja, travelling a virtual 6,400km (as the Fryer flies!)

Gracie Moss-Jones commented, “I travelled over five miles on the treadmill, rowing machine and cross-trainer. I hope that before the end of the academic year (when the Year 8s move up to Year 9) we will achieve the distance to Uganda, but what I personally hope to achieve is to really enjoy working for charity in a community like this, and also enjoy exercising! My favourite part about supporting charities is that it makes everyone feel great! I know it will always have a really positive outcome for the people/place being supported by the charity, but everyone involved feels really great and proud, which is a bonus.”

Fellow Year 7 student, Kian, added, “I think it went well. It was a good opportunity to do something for charity, but that was also fun and got me some exercise. All I really wanted out of it was to do something good and enjoy it. I think it is important to support those less fortunate than us.”

“It is the process that is as important as reaching the destination. We will be hosting regular events during lunch and after school where the House can all be involved to build up the distance. We want to encourage the Fryers to try and cover these distances at home and record this on STRAVA under the ‘Fryer to Jinja’ project.” commented Head of Fryer, Adrian Stewart.

“This week, marks the opening of Ugandan schools from their 83 weeks of lockdown, the longest of any country. We really value this charity, and its work is ever more important given the difficult situation facing education in Uganda. A number of Fryer staff have led Leighton Park’s Africa trips in the past and we see great value in Fryer students working on a project that they may one day see in action when they have an opportunity to travel with the School in future years.”

The Jinja Educational Trust state that:

  • £50 buys footballs and netballs for four schools
  • £100 buys storybooks for five classes of 20
  • £100 buys chalkboards for five classrooms
  • £150 buys a sewing machine to make uniforms
  • £200 buys shoes for 25 children
  • £600 pays for the JET Health Programme for one year

Adrian continued “A little money goes a really long way if we all contribute… We are excited about being able to support the Jinja Trust from afar, and engaging our students. We want this to be student-led with staff and parents supporting and cheerleading from the side! At this age, active involvement in being part of something bigger than ourselves is key.”

Fryer House has supported the Jinja Educational Trust in Uganda (among other African Charities) for the last decade. They have raised money, and collected clothes, books and sports equipment to send with Year 11 and Sixth Form students when they visit Jinja.

If you would like to support JET and Fryer, please leave a comment and/or donation on their fundraising page.

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