October 10, 2020


On Friday 9th October our Sixth Form charity group, Amicus, organised participation in a national initiative in support of the charity, Young Minds, promoting mental health awareness in young people. The initiative came from Angelika (Lower Sixth) and the group managed to collect £668 as students across the Park donned their golden garments and dressed up in sunny yellow clothing.  Awareness of the appeal was strengthened by another student, Amelie (Year Y10) who wrote a beautiful poem illustrated by her father.

The poem was displayed during the whole school Moment of Reflection at the end of the day’s virtual Collect.

Drowning doesn’t take that long

To dip below the waves surface

Being crushed by the pressure of the depths

Submerged below the calm ocean

Just to wait for a lifeboat

To come along.

You can’t shout underwater

Nor can you scream or cry

Just frantically kick and hope

Someone realises before

Before the pressure gets too much

And the oxygen runs out

And then all you can do

Is wait.

Hoping someone will listen.

Strain their ears enough to know

Something is wrong.

Pulled from the depths.

From the currents that tug you under

To the serene sea above.

For the first time in a while.

You feel the sun on your face again.


by Amelie

October 2020

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