July 5, 2022

Homelessness Supported by Students’ Competition

The success of the Rock Paper Scissors competition earlier in the term was boosted by matchfunding to a total of £244 which was donated to Launchpad Reading, Berkshire’s leading charity combatting homelessness.


Kirsti Wilson from Launchpad Reading came to the Park on Tuesday 5th July to meet Rock Paper Scissors finalist, Sixth Former, Tessa.  “I think the Rock Paper Scissors challenge was a fantastic idea.” Enthused Kirsti,  “It’s a great way to engage with kids, nobody needs any particular skill, you don’t need to practice and anyone can play!”


She continued: “The money that has been donated to Launchpad will be used to support people in Reading who are homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless. Donations like this mean that we can be flexible and agile and basically provide our clients with what they need when they need it.


It’s fantastic to have a partnership with Leighton Park School because you’re basically encouraging the next generation of citizens. It’s about involving children in their community. It’s also about people learning about respect and kindness to other people and it makes a really big difference that a school of this size is actively doing something to make a change.”


Tessa agreed, reflecting: “I really like the idea of helping the charity because Homelessness is a really important topic. It’s something I think about a lot because I’m from quite a big city and I see homeless people everywhere. It’s a chance to help out I think everyone’s played rock paper scissors before as children so it’s a fun way to raise money.”

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