September 19, 2023

Maths Masterclass with the Royal Institute

Maths Masterclasses at Leighton Park launched with a flourish, as the Royal Institute came to deliver two Masterclasses to our Year 7s. The concept of the Maths Masterclasses was simultaneously introduced to the Lower Sixth Maths A Level and IB Students, as they observed the workshop and helped during the sessions, with the view to delivering their own Masterclasses in the future.

The Year 7s were split into two groups. Ben, from the RI, taught a 2 hour workshop about Binary Numbers in the MMC. Year 7 children heard how computers can only understand the numbers 1 and 0, and then learned how to read and write using the Binary Number System. They progressed to drawing shapes and writing instructions for their peers to follow in order to draw a matching shape.

Meanwhile, in Peckover Hall, the other Year 7 Students learned about Shapes with The Royal Institute’s Rachel. They created an ellipse using string and tape, drew parabola and sketched curves.

The Masterclass is part of our innovative approach to STEAM education, combining creative habits of mind with logical problem solving. Leni Samuel, Head of Mathematics, summarised “The Year 7 Students have had a unique opportunity with the Royal Institute, delivering a hands-on enriching masterclass on Binary numbers and Curve Sketching. This is an excellent way to explore and deepen mathematical knowledge beyond a classroom curriculum.”

Year 7 pupil, Freya added “I loved learning about computers and binary numbers. It was an amazing experience!”

Reflecting on the session, Alex (Lower Sixth) remarked “I really enjoyed observing the workshop. I felt as though I gained valuable knowledge about how to keep young people entertained, while introducing them to exciting areas of maths that they might not otherwise encounter during their curriculum studies. It was so refreshing to have the opportunity to interact with so many maths-engaged Year 7s!”

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