December 16, 2020

PAUSE Community Photography Exhibition

In September, the Art Department invited the whole school community to cast a lens on a shared experience and submit their favourite photographs from this year, with the aim of creating an exhibition representing lockdown.

With over 153 ‘paused moments’ submitted, each interpreted the subject uniquely; from tranquil times alone, to time spent together with friends, to observations made in the world around us.

Mark Wood, Head of Art, commented “It was hoped that the exhibition could document this time and enable us all to share moments while our lives have been on hold and we’ve adjusted to a new normal. We hope that the exhibition in Oakview has served as an entertaining and thoughtful reflection on what it means to be human.”

He continued “In this exhibition you can see moments of happiness and joy, moments of sadness and some of outright absurdity! The impact of the exhibition lies in its variety. Something of a snapshot from a point in time, affecting our whole community… we were taken aback and thrilled by just how many people responded and also discovered lots of secret photographers in every year group.”

“What is so striking and honest and heart-warming about this collection of images however, is seeing what other people see. Photography can be so much more than technical prowess, although there is an impressive array of skill and creativity on display nonetheless.”

Following a big reveal of the gallery that currently graces the walls of Oakview, the community were asked to vote for their coveted ‘Peoples’ Award’, taking into consideration; family, home, the great outdoors, friends, fun and expertise.

In Wednesday’s Final Collect, the judges reflected on some of their own highlights from the exhibition, including but not limited to; rounds of applause and rainbows, now synonymous with the NHS, serene woodland scenes, ducklings and deer, photos reflecting the warmth of summer and those of haunting quiet; abandoned airports and closed schools, Head of Sixth Form, Helen turned hairdresser and even a terrifying precipice submitted by rock climber, Johnnie in Upper Sixth.

Amongst many strong contenders, two images were selected as your favourites: congratulations to Pablo for his submissions ‘Before Covid’ and ‘After Covid’, a comical and fitting reflection on lockdown, and Peter in Upper Sixth for his stunning photo ‘Time for Stargazing.’

Mark Wood commented of Peter’s photography, “Technically a very strong contender, with razor sharp focal point, expert composition and contrast and an underlying symbolism of cars unmoved due to lockdown. A high-quality moment paused…”

Pause Art Exhibition

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