June 29, 2022

Sixth Form Biologists out in the Field

Sixth Formers studying Biology as part of their Year 12 A Level or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) took part in a Fieldwork Day on the Park on Tuesday 28th June. Based in the Biology Department students spent the morning gaining practical experience of designing and carrying out their own ecology practical which examined the effect of light intensity on the growth of particular plants around the Park.

Jo Toovey, Biology teacher in charge of the fieldwork explained, These were looking at the effects of abiotic or biotic factors on plant growth and abundance. Abiotic factors studied include light intensity, soil pH, proximity to water. Biotic factor studied included human activity, such as pathways and mowing activities on plant species diversity and population frequencies. Students used hand held technology to collect data about light and pH levels, and online apps to help identify plant species. Samples were taken from across the LP site and analysed. Students then used a variety of stastistical and Biology specific analyses of the quantitative data. They also practiced their graph drawing skills and carried out online research in relation to their experimental designs and plant species.”

The group analysed and evaluated their data with guidance from our expert Biology team and a helpful Upper Sixth Biologist and boarder, Anastasija, keen to help out following the end of the public examinations.

In the afternoon, students carried out an investigation into the effect of the environmental variables of moisture and light on the behaviour of woodlice using choice chambers, followed by more analysis and evaluation of their data using statistical tests. Students really enjoyed handling the woodlice.

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