December 12, 2021

The Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification is a popular co-curricular undertaking, alongside students’ studies in the Sixth Form. In the words of Claire Gulliver, EQP Supervisor and Head of Psychology, “It’s a brilliant opportunity for students to study something that isn’t covered in their A Level courses. This can be something to do with extra-curricular activities, maybe a sport or something to do with music or performance. They can really get into the subject that they’re perhaps considering for a future career or studying at university.”

As well as conducting thorough research, an important aspect of the project also requires students to be able to answer any questions put to them about what they have discovered, developing their public speaking skills as well as their confidence.

Following his presentation on ‘Have terrorism laws removed civil liberties in the UK?’, Chris described his strengths and weaknesses throughout the project and how he tackled certain challenges. “It actually taught me how to research, how useful an abstract can be to summarise your subject and how to use academic papers… I’d not even accessed JSTOR before now!” he remarked.

Within their Tutor Groups, students were delighted to learn about a broad range of interesting topics, including but not limited to: ‘How F1s 2021 regulations affect constructors and their aerodynamic design philosophies’, ‘Would humanity flourish with bitcoin as the worlds next global reserve currency?’ and ‘Are Polygraphs reliable?’


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