January 28, 2024

Triumph at ISA Debating Competition

On Saturday 27th January, Leighton Park’s Debate Teams travelled to Birmingham for the ISA Debating Competition. According to the organisers “Research, reasoning, and public speaking skills are a few of the many benefits that come with learning to be a good orator”. From planning your argument, to choosing your words with care, debating prepares students to take on challenging situations. The competition was an opportunity for pupils to put their speaking skills and knowledge to the test.

Leighton Park’s ‘Debating Matters’ Club took two teams to compete in the competition with the two teams of two students scored individually, although on the same side and working together. The debate topics covered various aspects such as the influence of AI on children’s education, the value of qualifications versus experience and the question of hosting international sports events in countries with poor human records.

With a five-minute limit to the debaters’ speeches, the speeches alternated between proposition and opposition, finishing with a fourth speaker summarising the argument. As arguments concluded and the competition came to an end, awards were announced and Leighton Park was certainly not short of disappointment.

We are very delighted to announce that amongst the Judges Awards, LP student, Leander (Lower Sixth), was awarded ‘Best Research’ showcasing exemplary dedication to the topic. Additionally, Harriet (Upper Sixth) was awarded ‘Best Summary Speech’. Both awards are a testament to their exceptional efforts during the competition. We commend all our students who participated in this skill-building competition.

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