September 12, 2023

Dance Success at Prestigious Dance School … Again!

Issy (Year 8), Julia (Year 9) and Katie (Year 10) are all incredibly excited to have been offered a place at the Centre for Advanced Training in Swindon, following the opportunity for auditions created by Leighton Park Schools Dance teacher Beth Butler. The Swindon dance school is created for those who are believed to have talent, passion and commitment to pursue dance careers and takes place each weekend throughout the day (taught by renowned teachers and choreographers) expanding on the students’ talents. Issy will be taking on the Contemporary Dance programme whilst Katie and Julia will be taking on the Ballet programme. Issy, Katie and Julia are most excited to work with different choreographers (who are known industry wide) to build on their skills, as well as the end of year show that Swindon holds annually, showcasing their progress from the programme. Beth Butler commented “I have been fortunate enough to have students involved in the National CATS programme now for a number of years. Due to the rigour of the programme, it allows students to develop their physical and expressive skills to an extremely high level, which allows them to access the higher grade boundaries in examination work in school. The CATS programme has access to outstanding choreographers working in the industry.  It allows them to work intensively and regularly with like minded individuals and really start to consider their future in the world of dance”.

All three students expressed how excited they are to progress in their dancing and gain exclusive experience from Swindon that can lead to many more future opportunities. We at Leighton Park School are very proud of our students success and hard work and are looking forward to hearing about their time at the Centre for Advanced Training in Swindon.

A Level Dance at Leighton Park School not only teaches students the basics of dance foundations and the movements itself, but also terminology, techniques specific to each style and a varied range of styles. These teach our dance students transferrable skills to professional environments and careers such as opportunities at Swindon. The school has an A Level Dance taster morning on the 19th of October 2023, which we encourage all creative individuals and those who are passionate about the arts to attend. Our A Level Dance course inspires character, commitment and life beyond the classroom, all statements of aims here at Leighton Park.  Being an arts based course, A Level Dance aims to bring out students’ character and individuality through styles of dance, as well as the discipline and commitment of a physical activity. Opportunities such as Swindon encourage students to consider all paths (both educational and art paths), a vital part of the school’s aims, in order to allow students to achieve their greatest potential and let their lives speak.

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