July 1, 2020

Writing in Isolation

At the beginning of lockdown, the English Department called out for the best writing in isolation during this period of social distancing. Over the course of Spring and Summer Term, they were not disappointed by the creative, original and engaging entries they received.

Alongside games and writing inspiration, ‘Writing in Isolation’ is a new co-curricular hobby with the spotlight on one form of writing each week. Below you will find, in no particular order, the winning entries for three of the writing styles recently explored.

English Teacher and Competition Judge, Leana Mikula, commented “I am incredibly proud of this wonderful group of students who have used the lock down to not only develop their writing, but to use writing as a platform to explore and give voice to their ideas and emotions. Even though we have been writing “in isolation”, it is clear that they are united in their love for the written word. The passion they show is inspiring and I wish them all the best of luck and happiness in their future adventures in writing.”



Planet Earth by Vivian (Year 9) – “From the first line, it emotively and powerfully criticises humans for their harmful actions and begs its readers to feel guilt in their complicity. A lot of its power lies in its imagery and condemning tone, but also in your choice of perspective – the dying Planet Earth.”

Support Me by Tomi (Lower Sixth) – “This is an incredibly personal poem that shows the complexities of emotion and the turmoil of the human condition in the struggle to feel free. The motif of fishing and the sea is very interesting and effective, and the repetition really reinforces the message about how necessary support is in relationships and life. The structure is also very unique, stopping and starting unexpectedly, much like human emotion can be unpredictable.”

A Fire Burns in a Wood by Catherine (Lower Sixth) – “Your poem was dark, but enchanting, and its message very powerful.”

Follow your Heart by Harriet (Year 9) – “Your poem has a lyrical quality and it carries a very positive, inspiring message that is sure to speak to young people who are discovering their identity, place and confidence in the world.”



Greece: A Trip I Would Rather Not Remember by Martha (Year 9) – “Its use of humour, sophisticated language and motifs made it particularly engaging. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t all true though and I’m glad you survived!”

Travel Writing: G’Day Mate by Harriet (Year 9) – “Your travel writing was rather entertaining and engaged me throughout, through every up and down.”

AI can Help us Build a more Equal World by Catherine (Lower Sixth) – “Your article presented a clear, convincing argument on a very timely, relevant topic of AI.”



Secrets through the Window by Catherine (Lower Sixth)



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